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Jul 26, 2013
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Elk Grove Village, IL
So I have a code P0353 for Cylinder 3 Coil Pack Secondary Circuit Malfunction. I have swapped coils from 1 to 3, cleared code, road tested, no success. I recently got a MSD 2-Step installed into the car which runs off a switch inside of the car that I hold. I thought well hey, the 2-Step is integrated into the coil pack harness so maybe that is what is causing the issue. I disconnected this & cleared so I could road test again. The light has re-illuminated. Same code also, P0353. I checked the wires, nothing is broken & no pins are damaged. My hunch is that it could be the coil pack wiring harness perhaps? Has anyone ever experienced this or had any luck by doing that with this specific code?

My car is a 2002 Z28 with a LS1 engine that is Cam & Intake. Any help would be really appreciated!


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Nov 4, 2012
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That code is a short or open code for that circuit . Sounds more like a wiring problem to that coil . Does the car have a constant miss from that cylinder ? You could follow the harness back and see if it's rubbed through on anything . I'm not familiar with Camaro pcm's but if they control the grounds to the coils the problem might be inside that too .

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