Cobra/Lightning Amsoil Oil Change 7 Quarts Dominator Raceing Oil + Amsoil Filter


Dec 29, 2009
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Cobra/Lightning Amsoil Oil Change 7 Quarts Dominator Racing Oil 5w20 + Amsoil Filter

Hey guys I know Im new on here but I have been on the Lightning boards for a couple years and have great feedback on them. Anyway I have 7 quarts of Amsoil Dominator Racing oil 5w20 ($10.70 a quart through Amsoil) and an Amsoil Absolute Effieciency Oil Filter (Ea011 $17.30 through Amsoil) that I was going to use to change the oil in my Lightning this spring but since I am intalling a JLP shortblock (and a ton of other crap :biggthump) I wont be able to use synthetic oil for a while and I believe JLP calls for 5w30 in his blocks anyway so I figured somebody could use this stuff. I did some research and the oil filter is the same for Lightning and Terminator Cobras (probably more vehicles). The total for all this was $92.20+ shipping through Amsoil. Im looking for $75 shipped or I can knock off a few bucks if your close and want to come get it. In my opinion this is THE BEST oil change you could do for your Lightning/Cobra. Here is some info on the oil/filter and Matt


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