Chrysler has three offers for Viper


El Presidente
May 23, 2007
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Chrysler has been out shopping its Viper line since August of last year, and reports now indicate that there are at least three interested parties that have made offers for America's other sports car. So far, there's no word on who those suitors may be, but past rumors had indicated that both Saleen (not likely) and Roush were interested.

When the announcement was initially made that the automaker was considering offloading Viper as a brand. The prevailing thought was that the move could save the car from extinction; now, the tables have turned and it's generally acknowledged that Viper's sale may actually help save its struggling parent company. The income from selling the sportscar unit could help bolster the report due to Congress by the end of March regarding Chrysler's long-term viability, but the automaker doesn't expect to have anything finalized by D-day.

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