Chicago voted 2nd most beautiful city in the world


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Aug 19, 2004
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Mount Prospect
I don't see the the actual list when I go to the link.

If we are talking modern skyline, Chicago is still not a top 5. All my picks would be Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong, Asian cities.

Historical, clearly not even top 20. Paris, Vienna, Prague, definitely in the top 5.

Bullshit list.
I'd put Chicago's skyline equal to or better than Singapore and Hong Kong, and better than Taipei or any other Asian city I've been to. I'd argue Chicago's skyline is the best in the world, and is hands down top 3. US cities can come close to anywhere in the world since we're only a ~250 year old country vs. cities in much of the rest of the world being thousands of years old.

Pro Stock John

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Sep 20, 2011
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The 60618
Shanghai (not been yet), looks pretty cool. I'd put Chicago on par with a lot of other cities to be honest.

I personally prefer older cities, I'm a total nerd for Europe.

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