Challenger wheels


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Jan 19, 2015
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Price lets go with $600, located here 60002 Antioch IL by the cheeseland border.

Pops has a 2010 r/t challenger, he bought the srt acola knock offs so he has no need for these.

The rims were plasti dipped by the previous owner, believe they are the clad chrome underneath. Nothing is wrong with them no holes, odd vibes. Tires are firestone and have a decent amount of tread left.

Again I am posting these for a challenger, so dont ask me what else it fits not my homework to do. Think I will also go with first come first serve/pickup unless a non refundable deposit is put down, I am tired of sayers and no doers.

38634444_2215749921772610_6790667264359137280_n by Corey S, on Flickr
38635902_864947483702624_3969569020193013760_n by Corey S, on Flickr
38612108_299462483964683_7253242126970912768_n by Corey S, on Flickr

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