cash days VI - august 2010!

Jean Ralphio

beautiful, clean coal
May 28, 2008
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these events look like a fuckin blast.

This past weekend I headed down south for my favorite street race of all time, Cash Days... These guys are the craziers ****ers I know when it comes to
street racing, I think the slowest car there was 800-900hp, some of these guys run high 7's in the 1/4, un-****ing-believable! During the semi finals, the
multi-colored sonoma had to pull his chute to slow down! That's a first for me!

I will be making a DVD of the event as usual, I MIGHT include the next event on this one as well, it all depends on when I can get to finishing the DVD (still have to finish
KOTS & I'm filming Drag Week in 2 weeks!)

See the full gallery & Pre-order the DVD here - Street Car Videos


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