Busted Carrier. Now what?


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May 2, 2010
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Schaumburg, IL
I decided a month ago I'm going to do 4.10 gears. I still have the stock 10 bolt rear. In addition, I bought a rear Strano Sway, Founders LCA & relo brackets, and Founders adj. PHB.

So, I'm starting my setup, and I take off the diff cover, axles, and take out the carrier, but then I found out that the driver's side of the carrier is completely broken off! Surprisingly, I never had any issues or vibration! I did have a weird sound when I would make left powerslides (but not right), but outside of that, from 0 to 120 mph, there were no weird vibrations.

ANYWAY, I'm kind of in a dilemma. I REALLY want to get the Camaro back on the road for the summer, but if I have to drop $2800+ on a 9" or 12 bolt, I'm gonna have to wait a while...plus, this thing is taking up my garage space!

I'm looking at possibly getting an Eaton TrueTrac from Strano for $420. Are there better/cheaper options? Should I trust something from Ebay like this? 1993 2002 GM 7 5" Camaro Firebird TA Rear Differential Posi w 4 11 Gears 811 | eBay



Dr. Pussy Slayer, MD
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Nov 14, 2008
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The 007
Fuuu this thing needs to be ready for Power Tour!

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