Buddy Needing Dyno work


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Apr 29, 2013
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In My chevelle LOL
My friend that lives in West Chicago...............

He is wanting some info on where to get his Car Dyno'ed I pm'ed some people who had asked me to do so and Never got a response in a week, So here we go again.

This is what his car is 1977 Chevelle 454/400/411 gears. Think the carb is a 750 dual feed, might be a 650 holley, gotta dbl check that ( his words ) Holley Blue Electric pump
Long tubes with 3.5" collector to 3" all the way back thru tailpipes. Aluminum heads port Matched to the intake. Massive valves on the heads
2.5" header primariesHydraulic cam. 550 lfft, 280 duration I believe. Don't have the cam card any longer

Prolly the whole shebang. Tune, time, adjust carb jets, bowls, etc
Any help to pointing him in the right direction that would be Kewl

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