Brilliance Honduhhh in Crystal Lake has absolutely ridiculous used cars

Yaj Yak

Yaj Yak

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May 24, 2007
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Actually it says that's at Motorworks Infinity so I left that out of the count. I could see the Porsche dealer or BMW having 1 or 2 in this area but Honda. :rofl:

Gotta be used car buyers buying whatever they can make money on.

arent they all the same building there though basically or not anymore


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Jul 18, 2017
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Sunny Florida - Sarasota area
Motor Werks is Catering to the area, and they have picked up their internet business, new management in place that is more open minded when it come to high end cars. Most dealers are too afraid to have too many high end cars on the lot due to floor plan interest, and if the market crashes on used cars you will take one huge loss.

Or when you start buying certain brands and selling them other then the car lines you currently sell, the manufacturer starts to notice you are doing so, so with that, lambo may be looking to add another dealer location and Motor Werks is looking to pick it up.

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