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May 23, 2007
Been slowing going through this series... Slowly, because each deluxe edition costs $40 a piece lol. Been pretty solid so far. I think there are 12 total.



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Aug 16, 2005
Just started this:

Down Range by Taylor Moore

Only about 17 chapters in, and it's got me pretty hooked. Would recommend. He has two additional books after this one in the series thus far, so I'll be sure to read those once I'm through with this.


“Down Range fuses the classic Western with the modern thriller. DEA operator Garrett Kohl has big skills and an even bigger heart that drives him to a pulse-pounding showdown as good as anything you’ll read this year—and maybe ever.” — Mike Maden, author of Tom Clancy’s Firing Point

“Having lived it, Taylor Moore hits every bit of the cost of counterterrorism in Down Range, but this story is much more. It’s a riveting thriller with a family in crisis at the core. It's my kind of book.” — Brad Taylor, New York Times bestselling author of American Traitor

"Taylor Moore's Down Range is an intense, authentic, and spellbinding powerhouse that pulls no punches. With high-octane action as well as genuine Texas lore and bravado, readers will be wanting more from hero Garrett Kohl and author Taylor Moore, and soon!" — Mark Greaney, NYT Bestselling author of Relentless

“A stunning debut, as wild and beautiful as the Texas High Plains in which it’s set, Down Range turns the thriller genre on its head. Stretching from Kabul to Amarillo, Moore’s yarn is chock-full of gripping action, white-knuckled suspense, and, most important, heart.” — Don Bentley, author of Target Acquired

"Combining the suspense and intrigue of a Tom Clancy thriller with the action and grit of a hard-hitting western, Taylor Moore's Down Range is sure to entice fans of both genres, as he weaves a wild tale of betrayal, vengeance, and death on the Texas High Plains." — Philipp Meyer, New York Times bestselling author of The Son

“A rough neo-Western about family lost and found… A propulsive story of survival... [Kohl’s] slice of Texas is sparse and beautiful, but it’s also deadly… A powerful entry in the reluctant warrior subgenre, in which a dangerous but decent man is pushed past his limits.” — Texas Monthly

“The result is a masterwork of classic storytelling: a man defending his own in the best tradition of a John Wayne or Clint Eastwood film. Think “No Country for Old Men” with Box’s Joe Pickett taking over for Ed Tom Bell. Down Range is downright awesome.” — Providence Journal

“[A] powerful debut… Moore melds the thriller and western genres in Down Range, punctuating frequent action scenes against vivid scenery that adds to the suspense. But he also concentrates on his believable characters…. [Garrett] makes for a forceful hero in “Down Range,” the beginning of what should be a long-running series.” — South Florida Sun Sentinel

“It took me about 25 pages before I got sucked into this exciting thriller featuring Garrett Kohl, a DEA agent who has been working undercover…. This book offers lots of excitement, but also has its funny moments as well.” — The Pilot (Southern Pines, NC)

“[A] strong debut… Things culminate in an exciting, Texas-style showdown between Kohl’s family, cartel sicarios, and a host of other bad actors. Fans of J. Todd Scott and C. J. Box will want to check out this propulsive, character-driven thriller.” — Publishers Weekly

“Delivers both a compelling story and a vivid portrait of the landscape of the High Plains of Texas… Moore has written a tense and irresistible thriller that fans of C. J. Box and the military action novels of Brad Taylor will savor. The chaos mixes well with a stellar panorama.” — Library Journal (starred review)

“A series worth watching”. — Booklist

“Debut author Moore's hold-your-breath thriller introduces DEA agent Garrett Kohl… Though our hero's outnumbered, he's able to lead the brutal criminals into the Texas high plains for a wild Western showdown. Moore's previous experience as a CIA intelligence officer and deep Texas roots bring authenticity to this action-packed tale.” — AARP
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Aug 27, 2018
I started on Michael Connelly’s Bosch series. Was about six or seven in before I tried watching the series on Amazon Prime. When I found out they were pulling pieces from a bunch of different books I stopped watching, so wouldn’t have spoilers. Think I’m about 10 books in now.

Before that I read all the James Ellroy noir books, in order.
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Aug 27, 2018
Joe Lansdale has the Hap and Leonard series, they are shorter and more humorous reads but deal with solving crimes.
More humorous? They are fuckingfantastic! I’ve got them all, read them all. Except for the little novellas or hard to find. But the standard series, done!

Every once in a while I’ll grab a few pulp rags, like The Destroyer series (Remo Williams). Can usually go through two in a day.


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Feb 4, 2012
Nashotah, Wisconsin (AKA not Illinois)
Pro Stock John Pro Stock John I'll also add I've read and own all the following:

Vince Flynn (Kyle Mills) - Mitch Rapp series
Brad Thor - Scot Harvath series
Brad Taylor - Pike Logan series
Lee Child - Jack Reacher series

What I REALLY should be reading are the Tech and General Class Study Guides for amateur radio ( Mr_Roboto Mr_Roboto).
Fuck that get the ham study app. Bet you run through questions a couple times and pass tech.


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Aug 27, 2018
Fuck that get the ham study app. Bet you run through questions a couple times and pass tech.
I did the online test a few times for Tech, always at 30+ on correct. I'm just being lazy not going to actually take the test, even though I can do it online. I want to get comfortable with General before I go take both of them at the same time. Right now the ICOM IC-7300 is on sale, like $300 off. I'm also eyeballing the Yaesu FTM-300DR. And to really make my checking account hurt, a friend is probably going to sell me his damn-near-new Yaesu FT-5D.

Keep in mind, none of the above can I actually afford.

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