big HP stuff for sale


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Feb 10, 2009
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Blow through C&S dominator carb set up for c-16 race fuel. made 2000 hp
$900 obo.

PT118 mm turbo needs to be sent in for repair, front cover is cracked up and wheel has fins bent. otherwise it is fine. $1100 obo.

Neal Chance bolt together th400 10 inch converter set up for bbc turbo but can easily be changed to another set up by stator swaps, hense why it is a bolt together.
$1200 obo.

LM-2 single channel wide band and data logger, needs a new wideband sensor, $250 obo.

Turbowerx oil scavage pump $300 obo.

Contact me via pm or phone 630-632-5394
Thank you, Tom

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