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Jun 23, 2011
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Bartlett, IL
Been using this for a little bit now it's kinda nice on those more expensive items... Specially la croix and stuff. Figured you meat lovers would like it..

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A number of apps today let you check prices and comparison shop for things like clothing, electronics, toys, housewares, and more, but what about your everyday purchases, like groceries? Does your local store, Amazon, or have the best deal on diapers? Is your favorite cereal cheaper this week at Target or Walgreens? A new mobile application called Basket wants to bring the same level of price transparency to consumers’ weekly grocery shopping trips, while also helping them find unadvertised sales on their favorite products.

The startup was founded by early Waze employee Andy Ellwood, and Neil Kataria, the founder of newBrandAnalytics (sold to Sprinklr).

The idea came about after Kataria, a father of three, began wondering if he was really getting the best savings when he ordered items online from Amazon and, or if he could have saved more by shopping locally. As he began to research the space, he realized that offline prices were actually more dynamic than he thought – they would vary by 30 to 40 percent, at times.

The challenge, then, was how this sort of data could be collected and provided to consumers in an easy-to-use format. After all, today’s price comparison apps only looked at advertised sales, and few target the grocery and CPG (consumer packaged goods) space.

Taking inspiration from Waze’s model (the Google-owned navigation app relies on crowdsourced data), the founders launched a gamified shopping app called StockUp in early 2014.

That app paid users for performing certain tasks in-store, like scanning the barcodes on products and tracking pricing information. This allowed the startup to build a database of historical pricing data, identify pricing trends, and better learn when they needed to have their users go back out into the field on new “missions” to update items’ prices.

StockUp grew its user base to around 20 to 50 community members per metro area across the U.S., before the company shuttered the app to newcomers. It still relies on the app’s community, however, to track prices, but has now introduced a machine learning element to collect data more intelligently.

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