Balsamic honey glazed duck.


Jan 23, 2013
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Wife was at work all weekend. Didn't know what to do Sunday for dinner. 1st thing in the morning I pulled out some duck breasts. Hard part was figuring out how to cook them. Do I do it my normal way on the grill or do I try something new?

Figured screw it, let's try something new. Popped open a few beers and thought about for a little while rummaging through the spice cabinet.

I took my favorite SS pan, heated it up to the point the pan was starting to smoke.

I scored the skin side of the breast to help heat and melt the fat.

Flopped the breasts in the pan and waited for the skin to brown real nice.

Then I crushed two cloves of garlic and tossed them in the pan. Then came, rose merry, tyme, sage and a little salt and pepper.

Flipped the breasts over and added about a cup of balsamic. I let everything cook together. Once the breasts were about done med/rare. I took a 1/4 cup of honey and poored it on top of the breasts. Flipped one more time and pulled them off.

Let the breast rest while I stirred and mixed all the liquid and spices in the pan.

Cut the breasts and drizzled over. And a little side salad. Damn good eating.


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