Bad Coil Pack possible cause of Raptor shift light lighting early


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Mar 1, 2004
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Guys, it may be too soon to say for sure but I wanted to throw this out here in case anyone else had extra info or was having this same issue.

My Raptor shift light started lighting at 3,000 rpms when I would leave home with the car cold. It is set for 6,000. Running it up to 4,000 rpms once or a few times would usually return the shift light to proper operation. I've been asking around but no one I talked with [including Rick from Raptor] had heard of this happening.

Recently I blew a plug out of my passenger head. It took the coil pack out with it. Shelby Guy repaired the head with an insert and I bought a set of used coil packs from Matt [DSG03COBRA]. He had 1 bad coil pack and bought a new set. I figured I bought 7 good ones and 1 bad one.

Matt and I started talking and I discovered that he, too, had the problem of the Raptor lighting early. After discussing this, our thinking is that a bad coil pack or problems with spark plug blow by affecting my coil pack may be what was responsible for the Raptor shift lights lighting early. It's only been a few days but so far with the replacement coil packs both of our shift lights are once again working properly. I have not had the early lighting at all since I swapped the coil pack [and put in new plugs].

Has anyone else experienced their Raptors lighting early and if so, what did you find out?


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Apr 26, 2004
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I had an issue with a coil pack in the past and experienced funky behaviour with my shift light too. I would say it's very possbible the two are related.


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Mar 2, 2004
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1 week so far and I have yet to see the Raptor shift light go on early... :biggthump

I can definitely see the shift light being a telltale sign of issues with the coil packs. Does the Raptor just read signals from a single coil pack, or does it read from an entire bank of them?

I wonder what the stock light reads off of too. With where my light is mounted, I can't really see the stock light, so I don't know if that was going off too, but you'd expect it to if it reads the same way as the Raptor... :dunno:

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Apr 6, 2005
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Instead of going with a stock coil pack, I remember hearing MSD made a performance coil pack for the 4 valves.

May be worth checking into.


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