APR stops selling stage 2 tunes and downpipes | EPA crackdown coming?

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Jun 26, 2007
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But I've heard that while they can't detect the device itself, they can determine by certain readings from the car that something had altered the normal range of outputs. I'm sure I'm wording that horribly. Basically, they can see that outputs fell outside the normal range that could have only resulted from ECU tampering.
From researching, under VAG, audi is way more into this than the other brands. They won't just do this on a regular visit for an oil change, but if you have engine/turbo/trans problems, I have heard they go pretty deep to research the root cause. I have no idea how legally they could determine you used a piggyback to deny warranty, but I don't want to test it out lol. Multiple dealers who used to offer APR publicly then went to you gotta know a guy to now they just flat out dont do tunes, well flashes I should say. TD1 flag is a bitch and permanent.

On the VW side it seems (stories) guys can roll in with a stage 3 hybrid turbo GTI and get warranty work done so I have no clue how that gets OK-ed other than they are much more lax on the process.


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May 25, 2007
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I’m guessing it has to be the magnuson moss act. They can’t deny warranty work on something if it’s unrelated to the modified parts. I too have heard of them scanning the ecu and seeing boost levels that are above stock and then knowing something was up. How they can prove that you had a piggyback installed I don’t know.

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