Any auto painters on the NW side of Chicago willing to help out?

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Jun 13, 2013
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So I stepped a little out side of my normal work and am performing a body repair on my 2005 Pearl White Escalade.

I picked it up recently and it had some minor rust on the the right rear rocker and wheel well. I started to sand and found some body filler from a previous repairs. I am in the process of sanding that all out and starting over as the metal is still in good shape and I could stop the rust now.

I am going to do the bondo and glaze putty work and get it ready for paint. I have painted before and have all the material, guns, a garage with good light and air. I have never done pearl paint and the truck is pearl white code u 800j.

I am just putting this out there to see if there is a fellow ls1tech guy who is a painter and is will to lend me hand. I am an experienced mechanic with a large garage with a lift and many tools. I am willing to trade this small paint job for something mechanical. Or if you need to use the lift and need a hand with something on your car.

I also buy and sell cars every once in a while and could use a good body/paint guy from time to time to do some side work. Could be a good relationship to have if a body guys does the same and does not do mechanical work. Again not looking for a free lunch. I am more than willing to do a fair trade and throw some business your way in the future.

This add is for quality people preferably professional painters but experienced hobbyist would be ok too. I am a family man and an honest guy who does good mechanical work. I am looking for the same, that's why this is on ls1tech/chicago garage and not craigslist. If your a shady guy please do not reach out.

Please give me a call to discuss. I can text over pictures. This is not a large project, its a larger spot repair with some blending on a 10 year old truck.


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