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Finally just watched this, and he put a new vid out going into even more detail

Which is funny because when I was watching the first vid a new theory occurred to me that they actually end up talking about in this vid, that

It was most likely Anakin that pulled Ahsoka into the WBW just like Ezra pulled her in to save her life when she fought Vader in Rebels. I don't think she just HAPPENED to fall into a portal or did something where she actively force willed herself into the WBW or anything. I'm pretty sure she never even hit the water because when she wakes up, shes not even wet. I think Anakin pulled her in there, and now the bigger mystery is WHO is he. How long has he been there? Is he a force ghost? Is that actually him from that period of the clone wars? It looks like thats basically him RIGHT before he fully turned to the dark side, which if thats the case would make sense since so far we've been lead to believe that no full dark side user can even access the WBW. Palpatine couldn't even do it. That even makes me wonder if, somehow, HE'S the one thats been communicating w/ Morgan "through space and time" coordinating with Thrawn. That's definitely my own crackpot theory, but man.

The number of unknowns is what I really love most about this show. W/ most of the other shows, you always kinda KNOW how things are gonna play out because they've always tapped into and piggy backed off the larger star wars lore we all know by now. Yeah this all still fits into the middle of it all, but a lot of what they're covering just hasn't been explored so its been a lotta fun just trying to figure out what COULD happen. Like the whole Marrok thing. Which in itself REALLY wasn't that disappointing of a reveal, and it definitely makes sense for the story. But I really love the new "theory" that got thrown out in the 2nd vid that Marrok was really

Rick the Door Technician reincarnated w/ dark magick to come back for revenge :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

I am excite for ep 5, which, apparently is also going to be shown in some theaters the same day it drops on D+. Which is interesting.



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