About the LDC Coolong Mod?????

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May 26, 2004
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When I race my car I always run the heat on high, not the fan, but I set it at the hottest and put the fan speed on 2 just to help keep things cooler, at least that's what I THINK I'm doing.....My question is, do I have to do anything? It's been so long since I bought it I forgot. I want to make sure I am taking advantage of it.


Go ahead. I'll catch up.
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Mar 1, 2004
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The LDC cooling mod allows the coolant to exit from the back of the driver's head. Turning the heat on won't affect the coolant flow through the LDC mod. It flows all the time. However, turning the heat on may help cool the engine a little by taking the heat from the heater core and circulating it into the passenger compartment. You get hotter while the engine gets [mildly] cooler.

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