A TON of Neon/2.4l turbo parts. CHEAP


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Jan 26, 2008
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Downers Grove, IL.
This is posted for my friend, Jeff Hlavac. He can be reached at 630-939-0765or you can call me, Chris Clark, at 630-310-0929 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting**************630-310-0929******end_of_the_skype_highlighting If you see something such as "bought from so-and-so" it's someone from one of the neon boards that Jeff frequents. Here's the list!

Began amassing parts for a mean 2.4 turbo, but now just bought a house, so the toys need to find new homes. Prices are next to the items, if you buy multiple parts, shipping will be cheaper and I will cut out a deal. Want it all? I will give out one hell of a deal. If not, shoot me offers and we can work something out. If you see a price that is ridiculously overpriced, let me know and I can change it. Thanks for looking.

Parts are located in Naperville, IL 60532, feel free to come by and look at them.

2.4L with srt pistons, rods, water pump, oil pump, pan and pick-up, 2.4 stratus moumt, 2.4 adapter, intake manifold, tti UDP

The engine setup has no more than 1700mi on it. Everything is in good condition. The only things I was planning to change before putting the car back together were the clutch and the oil return line. It has all SRT internals with balance shafts removed ß exact quote from KWINeon, bought from him 500
Srt oil pan, pump and pick-up 140
Balanced 2.4L crankshaft good to 8250 RPM with SRT pistons and rods, great shape 250
Solid bobble new, unpainted ar_joef 45 shipped new 35 shipped
Machined fuel rail LFS bought from ar_joef 75 shipped
TooManyNeons 2.4 adapter with grade 8 bolts new 30
Stratus 2.4 side mount 35 shipped
Srt-4 stage 1 injectors and fuel rail paid 150

ITBs (holley 45mm TBs with TPS) with C&R radiator, hoses, filler neck, machined fuel rail and ss hose (2 ft rail to FPR, ___ ft FPR to tank) adding ss hose for the tank to the FPR to sweeten the pot
ITBs Are going for $500 w/ C&R radiator. The radiator and fan alone was $450.00
It comes with a SS braided fuel line as well.
I ran these for a while. They were awesome. Drivability was great. It has a screw to adjust idle and uses stock TPS. If needed I can help make it work for you even though its pretty much RTR.
It has 4 45mm Holley throttle bodies with short velocity stacks.
It has a port for brake booster, Map signal, and BOV or W/E.
This is a C&R radiator I modified the inlet so the hose would fit nicely around the plenum.
The hose goes with the whole ITB Setup. ß Quote from snaglefast 500 shipped

Log style exhaust manifold 100
bobble-strut relocate 25
ARP head studs with washers and nuts 35
3” turbo-back exhaust with flowmaster 40 series muffler 150 obo
Walbro 255 in-tank fuel pump with pigtail 80
Map Clamp 30
Frog-eye gauge pod for around instrument cluster, black 30
CD player adapters make offer

Link to pictures on photobucket

http://s867.photobucket.com/albums/ab237/Lightning11985/neon parts/
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