99 Mustang audio help


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Sep 6, 2009
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Villa Park, IL
My sister got a new receiver and speakers I'm putting in. I'm ordering the wire harness for it. 1999 Mustang w/o Mach audio, it's just got a separate cd deck at the bottom.

A couple questions - It looks like even though it doesn't have the fancier Mach package, it can still have a remote amplifier? Crutchfield doesn't know if it needs the amp harness or the other one with all the speaker wires going to the head unit. Any way to know for sure before I go over there and take it apart?

The other issue is I went to put in the new speakers in the front doors and the new speaker seems to be too thin where the screws go because the screws bottom out before the speaker is secured. Not really a rocket surgery kind of problem but I also tested it out for sound and there is practically no bass at all. It's like an acoustics problem. Anyway, I just wanted to see if there's anything that the mustang guys do to install aftermarket door speakers with good results.


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May 17, 2010
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If it's not Mach, it will still have an amplifier, it will be inside the dash below the cd player. 70-5511 to retain factory amplifier, 70-5514 to bypass it (will be same harness but with jumper harness for amp connections. It's going to use the same harness as Mach as well, Mach is just a bit more involved.

Speakers, different screws, or make new holes. Make sure it's sealed per say front from back, if there is a gap right there, it will cancel out the bass a bit.

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