99-01 cobras fun run


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May 26, 2004
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with the season coming to a close soon I was wondering if anyone with a 99-01 cobra wanted to run me in my 97 c5 that I just got. I had sold my 99 cobra with gears, pulleys, exhaust, cai and honestly it felt just as fast as my 97 c5. I just want a fun run with a 99-01 cobra to see how the c5 does, NOT going to run for money. I know i stand no chance against a 03+ car. I only have cai, catback which does nothing for these cars anyway. my car is by no means fast, it also has shot suspension, cel light on, plugs with over 60k on it.

not a troll or cop either I have been on here for years.

PM me or reply here I want to stay close to the north side.


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Feb 12, 2005
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damn ! if my car was still running... , I always wanted to run a vette but they were no where to be found .. oh well, next summer i guess

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