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BUILD 97 GTR V-Spec acquired


TCG Elite Member
May 6, 2014
Picked this thing up a while back. Just got it all squared away and registered. Here are the essentials. Wasn't sure if I wanted to make it public, but figured wtf not.

97 Skyline GTR Vspec
69k miles
s3 model(last revision to the r33)
Original rb26dett
Catback exhaust/HKS Mushroom filters
Oil filter relocation
HKS Coilovers
Non OEM Radio

Otherwise car is stock. Butt dyno says right around 300ish horsepowers. Plan is simple, clean it up a bit properly, put an equal length downpipe on it, delete the cat and enjoy. At some point I may end up getting adjustable control arms so I can get the alignment back into spec. Its got some stretched rubber on it, I may in the future swap the tires for something with a bit more meat, but for now its just going to get driven in the rotation. The looks of the car really grow on you. Also big thanks to willizm willizm for his help with getting me straightened out on the importing process.

As it sits in stockish form, I have an idea as to why the rb has a cult following. The 6 throttle bodies make themselves apparent as you rev it out to the 8000 rpm factory redline. It has a pronounced induction noise like vtec/ITB's, but its also turbocharged. The motor has character. Its only .4 liters larger than an s2k(ap2) motor and has s2k/gt350 vibes the way it revs to redline. It really only starts to move after 4k rpms(1st gear), its laggy for a stock car but has a peaky powerband. Once you're past 4k rpms then its happy to oblige.

I'll eventually get you guys some sound clips after the DP/cat delete. Will upload more pics later