3D printers...who has one?


Welllllllllll ya knowwwwwww.....
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Jun 16, 2007
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hangover park IL
I don’t believe anything has been printed on this mega fast machine.
Actually this is the 3rd iteration of this machine. The previous version use the standard 6 mm belts and they weren't strong enough we stripped a few teeth off of them at 1.6 amps

We are now running 12 mm belts on everything with the 148 oz in servos.

I could also see the harmonic from running the y-axis belt on the tooth side so I am now running it smooth side cross two points before it moves the hot end.

Now we should be good to run them at the full 2.8 amps.

Rigidity is everything.

I have all the wiring for the hot end I'm finishing making the chain way for the new Hemera carriage.

I should also note that you need to be really careful. Early on with this new build I kind of goofed during homing.... bent the two X limit switch brackets made out of angle auminum.... like they were paper.... before the windings melted....

Always be careful where your arms and fingers are
Lord Tin Foilhat

Lord Tin Foilhat

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Jul 8, 2007
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Riding the Hubble
Did a couple upgrades and some maintenance..

Swapped from springs to silicone feet and added the anti-backlash but for my Z rod. Then cleaned the rod and put some Teflon dry lube on it.

And the results I am pretty happy with. Made quite the difference on my Z issues. Much smoother prints and way less Z binding. I still need to tune my accel/jerk settings to the new hotend. I've been running it around 60MM/s for everything and can print successfully at 100-120MM/s... But the quality just isn't there yet without tuning.

Left is after upgrades/maint. right is before.



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