3.73, ac parts, seat belts, rear seats, and intake plenum


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Apr 9, 2006
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FRPP 3.73, used ~500 miles $125 obo

I have an ac compressor and condenser off my car. 95k miles are on the car, i bought it with 61k and have used the ac maybe 10 times. compressor is a little dirty right now, but will be cleaned in day or so. the condenser is a little bent up, but nothing that cant be straightened out. $65 obo each, or $120 obo for both. fits 96-04 4.6, *not sure about the 03/04 cobra*

I have a stock intake plenum that i ported out some. theres still a decent amount of material that can be taken out. from what ive read, a ported stock plenum can flow just as good as an aftermarket one out of the box. fits 96-04 2V $20 obo

i have a 5 extra seat belts lying around, 2 sets of rears and one front drivers. the front and one set of rears is light gray (graphite?) in color, and the other set of rears are dark charcoal gray. the only problem is the light gray pass rear one had to have part of the bracket cut off of it. it still works though. this also includes both the belt itself and the reciever. fits all 94-04 $20 each, buy the set and get a deal.

99 35th Anniversary Edition rear seats (coupe only). comes with the frame/bracket to make it a direct swap, 4 bolts and its in. for those of you who dont know the 35th's came with dark charcoal seats that have silver inserts. theres a pic of the seats towards the bottom. $150 obo

http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Ford-Mustang-CLEAN-CARFAX-99-GT-35TH-ANNIVERSARY-5sp-FREE-6-MONTH-WARRANTY-FLA_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ6236QQihZ012QQitemZ 220079226050QQrdZ1

prefer pick up, but can meet somewhere within reason. located on the south side of chicago.

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