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May 24, 2007
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I ended up buying a Tacoma. Why you think it’s garbage? Just curious. I value your opinion.
While there are things to like about the Tacoma that can make it a good buy depending on what you're looking for (reliability, resale value), none of it has to do with driving the truck. The engine's Atkinson's cycle sacrifices low-speed power and torque for fuel efficiency, it's six-speed automatic is geared so tall that it takes forever to get the truck into any kind of power/torque, and the result is mid-pack fuel economy. All of this is exacerbated if you do work with the truck. Toyota tried to address this with engine management changes over the years, but it's not going away until the engine does. The ride is uncontrolled and sloppy versus even the Ranger, which itself if an older platform but still rides with more composure than the Tacoma. And then you get into the TRD Off Road and it's the same except now harsh over bumps. There's more, but that's all I have off the top of my head. The TRD Pro probably makes the most sense because it's quite good at what it's supposed to do, and its weak payload/towing is less offensive as an off-roader.

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Apr 6, 2005
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So - point being, get a 2020 / 21 RAV4 Hybrid XSE AWD and life is good w/ 40 mpg, storage / capacity, tech and peppy as compared to the Tacoma

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