2015+ Tahoe stereo


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Jul 15, 2007
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Chicago (Southside)
Looking for some help guys, long story short I’m upgrading my base model radio to the bigger 8inch screen. I bought the wiring harness, radio and HMI modules (and had them programmed) and screen. I had a place install the wiring and hook everything up. Sound works, the screen moves up and down (motorized) but there is no display.

They reached out to MVI (who made the harness) and given the symptoms MVI said it was most likely the screen, but it could be the programming, or least likely, the cable to the screen. I’m trying to narrow it down.

Does anyone have a 2015-2017 Tahoe that would be able to just plug my screen in and see if the screen functions?

I purchased it from a company on eBay who supposedly fixes them and I can return it but I’d pay a 20% restocking fee, plus shipping, however if it didn’t work they would just swap it I’m assuming.

The seller I bought the HMI and Radio modules from had to program them and bench test them..

I should have bought everything from MVI, but I broke it up because I could get the android auto/car play option for significantly cheaper then MVI wanted. Looks like that’s biting me in the ass. Should have just lived without it.

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