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BUILD 2003 Ford Mustang GT


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New ride …. New teaser thread …. What is it?

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Just picked this car up for our 16 year old sons first car. Super clean for a 20 year old car, Florida car since new a few owners all on the west coast. Older man who’s wife would drive this car past away about 6 months or so an ago and felt it’s time to go.

Found it on marketplace, worked him from $4500 to $3700. Seller Held the car for me and my wife to view it. Good amount of maintenance records from a local shop in the area.

2003 Mustang GT, 126,xxx miles, auto car, cloth interior, power seat, Mach radio, over all in great shape for a 20 year old car.

Currently working on the paint with my son, clay bar, and then hit with the orbital.

Have a new black housing headlamps & tinted tail lamps on order, new key fobs, window switches and a few other items here and there.









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Had my son help me with the paint correction last afternoon and evening, clar bar was brown some panels were worse then others, especially the lower drivers door, so much road tar, my son could not believe how well it worked and the dirt in the paint.

Taught him how to use the DA and the differnt products for different purposes, made him DA the car and remove it, had him do it twice … just to make sure he know how to!

This morning replaced the right door lock actuator and power window switch this morning. Went quicker than expected on time to replace.

Few trim items on order to replace the broken clips and tabs from the gorilla techs who yanked the panels off instead of removing them properly.

Head and tail lamps are on the way., hopefully today.

Short list -
Oil change
Trans service
Diff service
interior door switch trim panels
New antenna
Key fobs
Extra keys
Possible spoiler delete —
Updated Bluetooth radio

Down the line -
Updated 17” wheels and tires
Black Roof wrap ( some clear coat peeling )
Hood scoop wrap
Suspension refresh ( srt.t shocks and struts )
Lowering springs
And possible a handheld tuner?


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Spent the weekend cleaning the car, ordering some trim and more parts.

Swapped in the new headlamps which were needed as they were all yellow.

Swapped in tinted tail lamps which looks good.

New antenna, and plasti dipped the gt badges and the pony / corral in the grille which was chrome and looks pretty good.

Replaced the black trim panels on the doors as the the clips that hold it in were all broken.

Turned out nice so far. Needs to get an oil change and trans service this week.

Next week should be mufflers swap or cat back what ever I can get a deal on. And it needs new shocks / struts as they sound terrible when going over bumps, will order some SRT.T front and rears, some sway bar links… maybe new bars?