1994 Ford Lightning - 28,000 miles - $23k buy it now


Molon Labe - come and take them!
Aug 18, 2005
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Holiday Inn
Watched the video. All I want is that factory stereo and wheel center caps.

I've had mine since 2004. Put a '1' in front of the odometer, mine's 128,000 miles young but it is still living a true truck's life.

Oh yeah, and 15# of boost from a Powerdyne XB1-A Ford Motorsport supercharger kit plus Snow Performance Alcohol Intercooler helps me down the road a bit when I'm towing another broken SHO through the Appalachians again.

Truck sold new for ~20k. Wouldn't get that from me for a garage queen, but someone will definitely pony up the cash for it.

HATE the single exhaust and useless tube bumper. Tow rating is 2000#.
Oh, so I get to pull the trailer AND and houseplant? WOO HOO ! ! !

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