15x8 Prostars w/ 26" MT's


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Sep 6, 2006
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Crown point, IN
Since the car is up for sale, so are the slicks and rims w/ centercaps. The slicks are 26x10x15 MT ET Drags and have about 20 passes on them. I barely had to do a burnout to get them to hook so there is still alot of life left. The rims are in excellent shape and the tires never rubbed or anything so there are no gashes. They are beadlock rims without tubes, so the tires lose about 1lb/hour of air. It's not a big deal at all, holds air just fine for a full day of racing, or you can easily put tubes in them. I got a best 60' of 1.58 launching at 6k with these things at 14lbs cold with only a 5 second burnout, they hook, see the pic in my sig. I have McGard shank lugs that i will toss in w/ the sale. You can PM me, but i prefer that you just call 219-577-4543.


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