🤣 What made you laugh today?


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Jun 28, 2007
I'll say this, I don't get how YouTube fucks with gun providers about not being "family appropriate" I swear to god they had a commercial on there for ejaculation volume. I was like what the fuck.


Go ahead. I'll catch up.
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Mar 1, 2004
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I don't know if I should be happy or not that he shows no interest in driving the Mustang. He's terrified of the speed/traction loss.
My son learned how to drive on my 510 rwhp Cobra. Also drove one of my work step vans... on the Dan Ryan when I hired him to work weekends. I tossed him into it and he drives really well now. Except for going 100% and losing it at times. Young people...

Case in point, he was driving his Focus ST and had a flat. Didn't say much about it. I was talking to one of his buddies and the truth came out. My son hit a round about at way too high an entry speed and slid off into the ditch flattening a tire. LOL I hope he settles down soon. I gave him my Bondurant book on apexes.
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Jul 27, 2021
We removed YouTube from all of our smart tvs and Rokus. Just so much shit on there aimed at kids that aren’t kid appropriate.
Thissss. YouTube and TikTok are a no go here.

As far as the dumbed down language it is influencers and China's algorithms and the younger generation talks like theyre challenged. The one that always gets me is I go in my daughter's room and ask what she's doin and she's all "I'm on call with *insert whichever friend here", no the fuck your not your on A call, on call is for when you might have to go do some shit you don't wanna do and it isn't fun.