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The Wifeys car was coming up on 4yrs old. Needed tires bad and the little rock chips and other minor shit was starting to aggravate me.
The new redesigned Atlas Cross Sport really caught my eye back in the summertime. Been doing some research on them and checking them out online the last few months. Was going back and forth between this and a new Grand Cherokee. Imo, we were just getting more bang for the buck with VW.

About 2 weeks ago I shot the salesman an email. We went back and forth on the value of our trade. He said he can’t do no better without seeing it. Sent the Wife in and they looked at her car but we were still about $1750ish from what I wanted. Basically told him thanks for his time and no harm, no foul. So I cut off all communication, he shot a few emails just stating he was still interested in making a deal which I ignored. He sent one on Thanksgiving and I just replied, I’d love to do biz with you, but you know where I wanna be on my trade. He replied yesterday that he can come up another $1k. Told him I’ll come sit down with him when he finds the rest I’m looking for lol. He replied this morning with another couple hundred, I asked him to split the difference on what we were apart. So he came up with the few hundo more. Texted @thebeast who made a call to the sales manager. He wound up getting me another $624 off. Which basically got me a couple hundred more than my original ask on my trade.

We were originally looking at a white one. The Wife seen they had a black one in Downers Grove. Same price and same model. The sales manager called me after talking to @thebeast. I told him he needs to get the black one to Schaumburg before we come in lol. I could tell he wasn’t happy, but he did it. He sent someone to Downers to get the black one. Left it up to her on the color, I was pushing the white one on her before we seen the black one. When we got there they had the black one and white one right next to each other. As much as I didn’t want another black vehicle, it just looked so much better than the white. The rims were the same on both and they looked better on the black. Plus it has that cheap looking black plastic on the wheel wells. The black flows better with that shit.

It’s a 2024 Atlas Cross Sport 2.0T SEL Premium. The Wife LOVES it and that’s all that matters. Happy wife, happy life.
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