BUILD My Bitch 1986 Caprice Landau

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So I have been looking for another old school as my 71 is pretty much done. But I have been waiting on the right deal to fall into my lap and this one did by a loooong shot.
Background on this car, this chick bought it from the original owner and built the car. She did all QA1 suspension, Ford 9" (shortened already), 26" rims, Wilwood brakes with blue calipers (really ties in with the blue top), custom trunk (not loud enough for me), custom center console with an ipad cut out, Dakota digi dash, new blue cloth Landau top, and some other smaller shit I'm forgetting. She sold it for $40k mid summer 2022 to a guy in Peoria, that dude caught a case this summer and got locked up. Dont know what for, didnt ask, and its none of my business. The guy I bought it from is one of his homies, he loaned his guys GF some money, I'm assuming what I paid for it. She couldnt pay him back, so he got the car.

I heard about this car a few weeks ago from a middle man who I'm super cool with and who knew I was waiting on a deal. Went back and forth with him, and he basically said dude wont budge on the price. I knew it was BS as this dude (middle man) is local and I heard he tries to tax the fuck out of people on cars. I had heard that the owner was willing to go $25k, but I couldnt verify it. So me being me, have been trying to back door him but I couldnt find who this guy was who had the car. That dude (middle man) got locked up last week and then one of my guys seen the car posted for $5k less than what middle man told me SMFH. I got in touch with the dude Tuesday night and shot down to Peoria Wednesday morning. Looked at the car, drove the car, beat him up a little on the price. I got the car for $22.5 which is a fucking steal for whats done to it and the condition its in. I left him a $250 non refundable deposit on Wednesday. I knew the Wife would lose her fucking shit if I pulled that out of savings. So I had a little cash put up, called my guy and told him to borrow me the rest as I couldnt let this car get away. My guy aint tripping on the money and if it takes me 2yrs to pay him back, NFG on his end.
After I posted it on IG, I got a couple of messages and phone calls of dudes I know telling me "I beat them to it, they were going to buy it this weekend". My guy Andy even offered me $5k more than what I paid.

The car is in excellent shape for being 37yrs old. Original paint, has some minor door dings that might be able to be popped out with a PDR guy. Paint is faded, I'm gonna go by my other guy tomorrow and see if a wet sand and buff will do her any good. I really dont want to paint it, if I do though it will be a scuff and spray the same color. Interior is fucking immaculate. It has 4-10's in the trunk and the bass hits hard but not hard enough for me. Highs and mids sound really good.

Plans are to sell the 26's and go 28's with a tuck, pretty much the stance it has now. 26's look good on box Chevy's but 28's put them over the top imo. It currently has a 7" lip out back and I will do another 7" lip, possibly try and squeeze a 8" lip. Having a 7" lip already is a huge money saver as the rear end is already shortened.

I wanna do a monster BBC, but thats all dependent on my bonus next April. I can usually figure out what my bonus will be by February. So if its looking good, then I'll order it and put on my CC. Or if I hear of a BBC at a steal on the streets, I'll grab it.

Interior as mentioned is immaculate, but I do want leather seats out of a Box Chevy LS. Other than that, I'll probably leave it alone.


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