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    Sports Official Formula 1 Thread

    Anyone have a link to a stream? Or do I need a subscription
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    Looking for garage builder

    Lol cmon MG, I’m not calling village hall 😂
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    Looking for garage builder

    So who’s the go to now? lol
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    Looking for garage builder

    Anyone have a recommendation for a garage builder in the west burbs? With sky high interest rates I don’t see myself moving anytime soon. Would like to get some quotes and get the ball rolling on either expanding my garage or building a new one Would consider doing the extension myself but...
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    I got bored....mostly machining content for no damn good reason

    That cart is awesome. I might need to do that at some point. No issues with vibrations or anything? I couldn’t keep it on the pallet. It wasn’t stable, especially with my shitty uneven floor I did manage to do some really sketchy shit and get it off the pallet. Now the engine hoist fits around...
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    I got bored....mostly machining content for no damn good reason

    Got the head off and the worm gear shaft extracted. Replacement parts on the way from H&W. VFD on the way from automation direct. But I still have no clue how to get this thing off the pallet 😂. Need to find an engine hoist with wider legs
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    I got bored....mostly machining content for no damn good reason

    Guess I get to join in on this thread finally... Don’t have a VFD yet to run the spindle so I’ve just been playing with the Sony Windows 95 CNC. I have learned how to program basic shapes and the bed moves as it should. Pretty cool I’d like to learn how to actually import g code from a CAM...
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    BUILD PJ’s bad idea - notch edition

    No I lost interest in getting fancy with it lol. Getting the compound bends right took enough brain power for me this week
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    BUILD PJ’s bad idea - notch edition

    3d printed some spacers to hold the China dual seal connector in the center of the adjustment range while I fab it up Built one of the Intercooler end tanks. Had to do some funky bends to clear the headlight bucket. Happy with how it turned out
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    BUILD RedBeard’s 2018 GTI

    Is that the road to LC?
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    Do you have air conditioning at work?

    Our offices do but my windows get baked in the sun all day so it kinda sucks. The production floor doesn’t and is pretty bad when the machining line and washing equipment is running. I’m not sure if we even have heat in the winter, or if it’s just heated by those machines lol
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    Help Wanted Ford 8.8 Gear Swap (3.27s to 4.10s)

    Where you located?