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  1. slowchevy

    NEW RIDE I acquired a German thing.

    71k at pickup 74k currently. 110 mile daily commute and Uber for a few hours a week to write off mods repairs etc
  2. slowchevy

    NEW RIDE I acquired a German thing.

    2012 A4 Quattro S-Line w Prestige package 6mt. Still have my beater Chebbys
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  6. slowchevy

    The Motorcycle Thread

    Runs great. Got new tires on it and a good scrub since last post. Need to replace a bearing in alternator and it'll be ready to go.
  7. slowchevy

    What are you working on today?!

    Changing alternator and battery on my Tahoe. Alternator makes noise and battery has seen better days. Warranty on both ftw!
  8. slowchevy

    The Motorcycle Thread

    I traded a car yesterday for my very first bike. Whether I'm gonna clean it and flip it or keep it and get my M class is in the air. 1983 Honda CB650SC Nighthawk.
  9. slowchevy

    Gaming Forza Horizon 5

    Hot wheels expansion is lit.
  10. slowchevy

    Aviation Picture Thread

    I'm with a third party company that handles United fueling operations. https://instagram.com/fuelingairplanesatord?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= there's some photos of it here.
  11. slowchevy

    Aviation Picture Thread

  12. slowchevy

    NEW RIDE $1000 well spent.

    There are a handful of Facebook pages dedicated to the car both in Australia where they were produced and here stateside. Finding parts isn't the easiest but I haven't had too much issue. I've found a few in yards but also a few people who part these as a hobby.
  13. slowchevy

    NEW RIDE $1000 well spent.

    I got this 1994 Mercury Capri from a buddy in November after wanting something to tinker with but also get decent fuel economy. It's been an adventure learning about the car as it is different from everything else I have owned. The first time I went to actually drive the car the alternator...
  14. slowchevy

    BUILD Queen: 4T80e Turbo 2001 Park Avenue

    He bought my car from a guy I sold it to back in March ironically enough nice guy
  15. slowchevy

    TCG and 2022 - A message from Mook

    Every so often I pop in to see how people are doing but don't see much point to interaction
  16. slowchevy

    TCG and 2022 - A message from Mook

  17. slowchevy

    For Sale Clean tgp for sale on Facebook

    maybe someone here would be interested he's local in Wisconsin