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  1. Caleb515

    Food / Drink Anyone not really drink

    I haven’t drank since mid-December. I know that’s not a long time, but through the holidays was tough and it’s the longest I’ve gone without drinking in years. I don’t drink often, always with friends on the weekends, textbook social drinker. The problem is when I do drink I black out. I...
  2. Caleb515

    Poll How many of you have tried Spam?

    More of a paste really. Has the consistency of cheap wet cat/dog food.
  3. Caleb515

    Poll How many of you have tried Spam?

    Chicken breast in a can isn’t bad. Not great by itself, but can be fine in soup or chicken salad or something similar. I grew up without much so I’ve had all the canned “meats”. Lol. Nothing is worse than this shit IMO. Used to eat this on saltines all the time and never liked it.
  4. Caleb515

    Poll How many of you have tried Spam?

    I love Spam, but don’t eat it as much as I’d like cause it’s absolutely trash for you. Spam Masubi is one of my favorite snacks and probably the best way to try it. It’s also great cubed in fried rice.
  5. Caleb515

    BUILD Shawns 1971 Impala Donk

    Damn, that sucks. Any chance you could trailer the car to the suspension guy and then finish up the engine work after he's done with it?
  6. Caleb515

    Recommend Waterless washes.

    Optimum No Rinse is the best waterless wash I've used. It works really well and doesn't streak at all.
  7. Caleb515

    Ever wonder about the first bulletin boards which paved the way for forums?

    First forum joined was PearlDrummersForum. First car forum was Infamous Nissan, a small Nissan mini-truck forum. Great memories with both of them, they were extremely active at the time. I moved on for various reasons and haven’t checked them out in years.
  8. Caleb515

    Random question, would like an open discussion

    I’m pretty new to the forum (about a year) and don’t post too frequently, but am on daily. I’d probably stay for a bit with ads (depending how annoying), but eventually leave.
  9. Caleb515

    Who's been to Hawaii?

    Much of the road has deteriorated and is in very rough condition. Also a bit sketchy due to single lanes, no shoulders alongside cliffs, ect. Most rental agencies have it in writing if anything happens in that area it is not covered and the agreement is void. Ive read a lot of it is private...
  10. Caleb515

    BUILD Shawns 1971 Impala Donk

    Man, this car is seriously one of my favorites on the forum. The cleanliness and attention to detail takes this thing to the next level. Can’t wait to see it in person one day.
  11. Caleb515

    Who's been to Hawaii?

    And we’re booked! Been watching flights for the past week and snagged some today for a good deal. We’re staying at Airbnb’s the first night in Paia and second night in Hana, then a resort in Kaanapali for the rest of the trip. We’re hoping this breaks up the island well and doesn’t put too...
  12. Caleb515

    Netflix That 90s Show

    Unpopular opinion, but I did not really enjoy it. IMO there is no chemistry between any of the kids, I stand behind that this watches like a bad Disney show. The only saving grace it has is nostalgia and the OG cast popping in from time to time.
  13. Caleb515

    what made you say FUCK today?

    Nailed it on the flame sensor. Feel like an idiot as its a $15 part and took him all of 20 minutes to replace for $200. Oh well, I totally understand paying for his knowledge and expertise and he did it same day. I just need to work on being more comfortable doing things myself.
  14. Caleb515

    Netflix That 90s Show

    Few episodes in and it’s decent. I like the OG cast, can’t connect to any of the new young kids. Seems like I’m watching a Disney show sometimes.
  15. Caleb515

    what made you say FUCK today?

    Furnace has been acting up the past week. Sounds like it's trying to turn on, but doesn't. It turns on maybe 50% of the time. Been on youtube deciding if it's something I think I can handle aaaaaand I think it's time to call someone. lol Might as well have them install the new smart...
  16. Caleb515

    Food / Drink Help me make a better taco at home.

    I will throw some chicken breast or a pork shoulder in the crock pot and let that rip all day with heavy seasonings, shred it and it's pretty solid. As much as I love steak tacos, I can't cook it for shit. Always corn tortillas. If you have a gas stove toss them on the burner for 20 seconds a...
  17. Caleb515

    Health Workout chat

    "Bicep focused" pull day Seated Preacher Curls Wide Grip Cable Rows Incline Dumbbell Curl Hammer Curls High Machine Row Straight Bar Cable Curl Getting frustrated AF not going to lie. On a cut and it's a constant battle between eating enough to build muscle, but still staying in a deficit to...
  18. Caleb515

    Amazon Smile going away at the end of February

    This sucks. We use this all the time, goes to a local animal shelter.
  19. Caleb515

    Help Jack find a car for his kid

    Easy. My vote goes for a 2014+ Lexus is350 all day. They look great (especially if you swing for an F sport), the V6 engine is peppy and fun to drive without being too much and they are dead reliable and cheap to maintain. They also have a decent aftermarket if he decides he wants to go that...
  20. Caleb515

    For those without kids, do you regret not having any?

    Not even 30 yet so unsure if my opinion matters, but majority of my friends are starting to settle down and start families. My fiancee' and I are in agreements we don't want kids. DINK for life.