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    My Wheels

    Sideways I don't think deep purple will look good at all.I think Black with red rings will look cool.He should go with red rings only.
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    What intakes are y'all runnin?

    Well, I decided to run my car today with a stock Contour SVT airbox and a paper filter. The car has always felt faster with this intake, but I always refused to believe that it made more power than an open K&N filter.
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    Good places for window tint?

    I don't know about their warranty, but we got both of our cars tinted at Automax Hyundai in Del City. They did an outstanding job and those guys are some of the nicest and honest guys you will see in a dealership service center.
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    oil filter adapter ?

    I have a leak in the oil filter adapter gasket on my Navigator.I found a picture of the gasket and notice that there are a number of holes int he gasket. What all is bolted to this gasket?How difficult is it to replace?
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