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  1. taws697

    Powersports My off-road toys and tow rig.

    The wife and I made the trip out to Bobs Cycle in Sidney Ohio last weekend to pick up a new side by side. We sold our 2020 Turbo XP about 2 years ago after having a baby and not thinking we’d get much use out it for a while. We both immediately missed it. Polaris released the Turbo R and Pro R...
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    🆕 NEW RIDE Taws697’s 01 Chevy dually

    Maybe that was it lol
  3. taws697

    🆕 NEW RIDE Taws697’s 01 Chevy dually

    I was letting it run up to 3500rpm thinking it should be freight training because that’s peak torque. It just had no balls though.
  4. taws697

    🆕 NEW RIDE Taws697’s 01 Chevy dually

    I have the same concern. The cats are getting cut out this weekend. No post-cat O2’s so it shouldn’t know the difference.
  5. taws697

    🆕 NEW RIDE Taws697’s 01 Chevy dually

    I took the truck on its maiden towing voyage last weekend. It has always felt a little sluggish while empty to me, but I chalked it up to me coming from newer diesels. Well, it was a complete turd! 30 minutes into the trip I couldn’t decide if there was a legitimate issue or if I had too high of...
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  8. taws697

    🆕 NEW RIDE Taws697’s 01 Chevy dually

    I threw some Bilstein 5100’s on the front and got an alignment. The cab lights started leaking water, so I put some clear Recon LEDs on. Also installed tow mirrors and had the front windows tinted. Installed a brake controller and hooked it up to the enclosed trailer for the first time. I pushed...
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  11. taws697

    Cordless soldering Iron

    I have a rechargeable(battery) Weller at work that I like.
  12. taws697

    Body\paint shop referral

    Is there a certain location you prefer?
  13. taws697

    Body\paint shop referral

    Following this because I’m also on the hunt for a good body shop. I’ve been disappointed with quite a few.
  14. taws697

    🆕 NEW RIDE Taws697’s 01 Chevy dually

    Some people should’ve never had access to a JCWhitney catalog. Taking all that crap off totally changed the look.
  15. taws697

    🆕 NEW RIDE Taws697’s 01 Chevy dually

    Removed the grill guard and hood deflector. I also threw some 2” leveling keys in yesterday. I still need to order some longer shocks for it. This morning I installed the wheels and tires. I need to trim the front valance a bit still. Hopefully I can pick up a tailgate for it this weekend.
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  18. taws697

    🆕 NEW RIDE Taws697’s 01 Chevy dually

    What have I done? These things look giant for 33’s. I ordered up a poor man’s leveling kit for the front. Should be here tomorrow.