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  1. Kaeghl

    New Clean-Combustion 'Ducted Fuel Injection' Could Eliminate Soot From Diesel Engines

    Ducted fuel injection, developed by Chuck Mueller at Sandia's Combustion Research Facility, is able to fine-tune the amount of diesel used in an engine to the point of eliminating between 50 and 100% of the soot... [H]e and his team, Christopher Nilsen, Drummond Biles and Nathan Harry, began...
  2. Kaeghl

    Best apps for firestick?

    Okay so i finally got fed up with cable and cut the cord. I bought an amazon firestick a month ago, I already had Prime and Netflix. I am a little new to this but am pretty tech savy; what are the best apps to load onto the firestick to stream additional content. I see there are a few side...
  3. Kaeghl

    CAR WIZARD highlights what makes the Buick 3800 V6 the BEST engine ever!
  4. Kaeghl

    v8 swapped solstice done well.

    Man.. The price is great too. 2007 Pontiac Solstice / Corvette LS2 6.0 V8 engine / 12,650 miles / Convertible 2007 Pontiac Solstice 2-Door Convertible Exterior Color: Blue Interior Color: Steel/Sand Stock Number: 116145 Clear VIN: 1G2MB35B27Y116145 CARFAX: CARFAX Buyback Guarantee...
  5. Kaeghl

    Samsung ProXpress M4080FX highend printer being sold at low end price

    My buddy is selling this. I can probably get him to come down and the pick up is in Aurora. He is motivated to sell it, new in box,never used. $1500 most places new, he is listing at $600 . the price on ebay is his hope...
  6. Kaeghl

    Welding Glass To Metal Is Now Possible Using An Ultrafast Laser System Scientists from Heriot-Watt University have welded glass and metal together using an ultrafast laser system, in a breakthrough for the manufacturing industry. Various optical materials such as quartz, borosilicate glass and even sapphire...
  7. Kaeghl

    Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa, opens December 21st

    Trailer is about 5 min long. It looks pretty good, I'll probably see it. WaWnLiffxJ4
  8. Kaeghl

    looking for auto shop recommendations

    Does anyone know a shop that works on modern Jaguars? The dealerships charge just outrageous prices on everything. I used to take my Jag to EDI, but its an hour from Naperville. One of the mechanics there was a friend of mine and the place did good work. He has since left EDI, so I am looking...
  9. Kaeghl

    Need shop advice, get a car sitting for 7 years up and running.

    Now this is a weird one. My buddy is a game designer (worked on Borderlands 2 and other gearbox titles) has just gotten a job in Sweden, where he will be for 2 years, that his family is shortly following to join him. So he needs to get rid of or store most of his stuff as he sells his house...
  10. Kaeghl

    handling 100psi of boost, neat vid from down under

    I thought it was an interesting solution for their very high boost to actually seal the water passages between the block and the head and alter the head to run a separate cooling channel HtRexrNJRqU
  11. Kaeghl

    Please help my friend win a Maxim contest

    Hey guys, would like a little help. This is Amy, she is a very nice model that I am friends with. I know her from my clothing company/fashion world. Winning the contest would be a big boost in her career. Feel free to share it where ever you would think it would help. Thanks...
  12. Kaeghl


    I am going to head out and check this out this weekend. May 28, 2017-May 28, 2017 | 8 am - 3 pm 1401 Suydam Rd. | Sandwich, IL 60548 | 815.414.1239 Come see antique, collectible, classic and special interest cars. Flea market and parts swap and Car Corral. This will be the 46th Annual Silver...
  13. Kaeghl

    "Ask me anything" threads about cars we own?

    Some of us on here own some neat/cool/interesting/nightmarish cars. What do you guys think about having threads where the owners answer questions? Could be a fun theme for a while.
  14. Kaeghl

    Secret car collection (and land) for sale in Canada

    Blatantly stolen from Jalopnik. This Secret 340-Car Collection In Canada Is Up For Grabs Kristen Lee Yesterday 5:30pmFiled to: CAR COLLECTIONS You know that saying about the things we own, and how they eventually end up owning us? For 60-year-old Mike Hall, who owns a collection of over 340...
  15. Kaeghl

    need house steam pipes replaced/repaired

    My ancient house has radiators with black iron pipe going to them, one run has turned into swiss cheese and much of the rest of it really needs to be replaced. All of the pipes are in a moderately creepy/cluttered basement and the pipes are easy-ish to get to. Nothing behind any walls or a...
  16. Kaeghl

    Undercoating, good place, should I bother?

    I got a truck this summer and it has zero rust and would like to keep it that way. Does anybody have experience with undercoating? any good places to go, is it worth it?
  17. Kaeghl

    Jaguar xf intake?

    I heard that one of your guys was working on an intake for the supercharged jaguar xf (xf-s, xfr, xfr-s) Any updates on that?
  18. Kaeghl

    is fixing paint chips and dings part of detailing?

    My jag has a bunch of chips on the side from morons in parking lots, I was wondering if any detail shop did chip repair?
  19. Kaeghl

    Next tech: UFS memory to replace microSD

    Samsung has unveiled the world's first UFS card that could one day replace microSD cards in devices. The UFS card is based on the Universal Flash Storage 1.0 Card Extension standard and will be available in capacities from 32GB to 256GB. With a UFS card, users will be able to read 5GB of data...
  20. Kaeghl

    Guy finds 60's blast shelter in backyard.

    full album
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