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  1. Handsome Jesus

    Alumastar 2 piece wheels - Re-polish and straighten?

    Hey Crown! I have a set of two 15x3.5" wide Weld Alumastar 2 piece wheels that I need straightened and re-polished. None of the beads are damaged, but I know that one of the hoops or centers has some sort of bend in it that makes it hard for people to balance. I can post a picture if needed...
  2. Handsome Jesus

    3800 FS: Minty Buick Park Avenue Seats - Grey

    I have a pretty mint set of park avenue seats, I think they came out of a 2004, but I cut the wire harness pigtails so you should be able to make them work in any year with some splicing! $100 OBO (I want them gone). Grey in color, but no rips or tears anywhere. Probably the last good...
  3. Handsome Jesus

    Truck Tool Boxes: Weather Guard & Craftsman

    Hey guys, $350 OBO for pair of Weather Guard Model R-174 Lo-side boxes $150 OBO for Craftsman Cross box with bed rail system All boxes are in good condition. Weather Guard - Polished aluminum finish R-174 Lo side boxes, have all keys, all locks work great. One is clean inside with toolbox...
  4. Handsome Jesus

    35% off at Advance

    Highest % off sale I have seen, still $50 maximum though. Online only. WDE357
  5. Handsome Jesus

    Built GM 8.5 10 bolt from Grand National

    $1100 OBO I have an 8.5 out of a GN that I was going to use in my car and decided not to, because I am lazy. It has: - 3.42 gear - Mini Spool - 28 spline Moser axles - C-clip eliminators - Aluminum Drums - All new brake shoes, wheel cylinders and hardware. - Stock rear cover - Poly bushings I...
  6. Handsome Jesus

    3800 FS: Built 4t65eHD 7/8" chain, ZZP converter

    Hey guys, Price change $800 OBO I have a ZZP built trans for 98-04 (yes it has an internal range switch for 04) 3800 SII. It is used, but as far as I know has the following: - 7/8" chain 3.29 gearset - 4340 Input shaft - Chrome-moly pump shaft - Upgraded 4th gear clutch hub - restored...
  7. Handsome Jesus

    3800 FS: Headers, BMR Braces

    Hey guys, I could put this stuff in the regular sale forum, but I figured I'd just put it here. $150 OBO - 3800 SII Ceramic Coated headers - Unsure of brand, look like SLPs without the SLP tags. They were on HeavyKevy's '04 GS. They still look nice, other than where the cat would go there is...
  8. Handsome Jesus

    Sandblasting subframe?

    Hey guys, I have a classic mini cooper, bought a new subframe for it (rear), but I need to do some reinforcement work and welding on it before I have it powdercoated by you guys. It has a factory applied paint right now, which is fairly thin. I need to get it coated so it won't rust like the...
  9. Handsome Jesus

    Who cuts brake rotors OFF car nowadays?

    I have some brembo rotors that need to be cut, and I want to know who does it for a reasonable price. Not slotted or drilled or anything. They need to be done off the car. Who has good experience? -Dennis
  10. Handsome Jesus

    Seasonal Car Storage

    What are people doing for seasonal winter storage? Still indoor, but no access required until spring? Get me the best price. Doesn't matter if it is far north Illinois or whatever. Thanks!
  11. Handsome Jesus

    Curb Rash repair on machined finish lip?

    Hey guys, I would like to see what you can do about some pretty bad curb rash on the car I just got. I would really like to retain the machined deep dish appearance, with the painted center the same. Here's a few pics. only 2 of the wheels are really affected, the others are OK with...
  12. Handsome Jesus

    I bought another vehicle...

    Yay man toys Forgot to put taillight covers back on, will replace and take a new picture. Front bumper is lined up with the front bumper of the Regal LOL engine pics once I get done cleaning it up. It is a modified BMC 1275 A+ bored to a 1380.
  13. Handsome Jesus

    Valve spring tester and installed height micrometer for rent?

    Hey guys, I want to go through the valvetrain, seeing if anyone has a valve spring tester and installed height micrometer around they aren't using. If not, I'll just buy one off summit, but I'm hoping there is someone else out there that is doing this. Thanks, -D
  14. Handsome Jesus

    Chicagoland Speedway driving experiences??

    Hey guys, Have a quick feedback request on the chicagoland speedway driving experiences. Who has done it and which option did you select? the person interested would stray from the indycar experience and a ridealong experience if possible. Anyway let me know what you guys know!! Thanks...
  15. Handsome Jesus

    LC1 wideband users: Upgrade to Firmware 1.2!

    All, for those of you using LC1 wideband sensors, I just upgraded to the "beta" 1.2 firmware version, and it really seemed to improve the accuracy and stability of the readings I get from the LC1 during operation. This may be old news, but I just finally did it and am happy with the result...
  16. Handsome Jesus

    Tune for LS1 RX7?

    Interested in getting some tuning done on a bolt on 2000 LS1 in a 1993 Mazda RX7. This is for a really good friend of mine. 1993 Mazda RX7 FD 2000 LS1 with 853s, LS6 intake T-56 6 speed, 4:10 rear gear 1-3/4" longtubes, 2.5" Y-pipe to single 3". OTR intake Basically a stock/bolt-on car. Made...
  17. Handsome Jesus

    QA1 single adjustable rear coilover setup

    I have a rear coilover setup that I would like to sell. QA1 single adjustable coilover shocks (Center to center length later, need to measure), with 3 sets of different springs, competition engineering upper shock mount kit (bar and weld on tabs), competition engineering lower coilover shock...
  18. Handsome Jesus

    Any nice condition built transmissions around for sale?

    Might need one sooner than later. would also consider another low mile stock one.
  19. Handsome Jesus

    LS1 a/c compressor with bracket for Fbody or GTO

    Need a good condition or new a/c compressor from an ls1 with a bracket for an f-body or GTO (low passenger side mount). Let me know what you have. Thanks! -D
  20. Handsome Jesus

    My newest toy...

    T/C Contender. .223 Super 14". Should be fun.
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