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    Things I miss from my youth

    Riding in the back seat in my grandparents boat tail Riviera. Can still recall that window and the smell of leather.
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    Auto News Toyota Hit With $60 Million Penalty For Scamming Buyers Into Pricy Product Bundles

    Oh come on now 60 mil ain't shit to them after making it hand over fist since the scamdemic onset. People complain about bow tie dealers attempting to get 50 over list on a new Z06. The solution to both instances is simple-WALK AWAY
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    Poll Costco vs. Sam’s

    I was at Costco today. I'd best describe the scene as "standing room only in the parking lot".
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    Photography Official post your pet thread

    Gotta get on warm clothes in the dryer
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    MCACN 2023

    I did. It was kinda okay-the coolest cars there were the nostalgia pro stocks hands down. Admission cost and parking were a bit much for me. Won't be back
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    I can't stop watching this one
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    Netflix Exploding Kittens

    Oh brother I will see if the felines will watch it with me.
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    The old "it's only 20 minutes away"

    If I didn't have a ton to do when I got there I wouldn't care. Such a waste of time.
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    The old "it's only 20 minutes away"

    So work management thinks I can make it from Bridgeview to Maywood in 20 minutes. NOT with First Avenue being one lane due to unnecessary wasteful "road improvements" or whatever the fuck they be doing in Front of Loyola. In 1995 maybe 20 minutes. Not now.
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    The old "it's only 20 minutes away"

    is now an hour. Fuck you management and the assholes responsible for this waste.
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    Food / Drink Crumbl Cookies

    5 dollars for a cookie? Place wouldn't be shit without Instagram.
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    Today at GM superstore. Owners whip. Would be so much nicer with a Jerico H pattern.
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    3800 Midwest Car Exchange

    Has this
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    C5 nightmare

    Indeed the blend door actuator. Guy doing the work was a wrench for Arnie Bauer Cadillac for 38 years. Said the dash removal involved a lot of labor.
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    C5 nightmare

    It is a C6:it had the flush headlights my bad.
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    'Pause Ads' Creep Onto Hulu, Peacock and Max As Streamers Seek New Revenue

    Pretty lame these days "advertising". Since the death of the printed word and non stop "connectivity", we are bombarded constantly with it. Bullshit made up jobs when people could be doing more productive work.
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    C5 nightmare

    Caught this at a friend's shop in for a c issues.
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    TCG boats & hoes discussion

    On an unrelated note