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  • :wavey: what's up man! OMG, I have been away from here WAY TOO friggin LONG!! School is kicking MY ASS! How have you been ??
    seems your a seasonal vampire. instead of comin out only at night you only come out when its warm hahaha
    Been fine but work is getting slow and scary. We have been havin meets so where you at?
    porbably just gonna work and catch up with friends. nothing too exciting! :) u going to heavykevy's party?
    Excellent! (I may show at KEVY's party)

    Things are good... got HIDs on the way for my GP... and I am actually caught up on payments again!
    Damn that sounds pretty fuckin legit, but that's a lot of work, I don't think I'd be able to handle that lol. Right now I'm just taking some introductory math class, a composition class and basic auto electricity, but it sucks cause I have the worst teacher ever. He has no teaching skills whatsoever and has showed up for class 1/4 times in the past 2 weeks. As long as I pass his class with a C though I won't care.
    Oh so slow?...haha i heard that thing pullls like a mother, Heard nothing but good about it from what Nicko has said. Apparently its loud as fuck. Cam'd if i remember. Got any Vids? i love the sound of V-8's Cammed
    I haven't really been doing much other than working and going to school. I only have a couple more classes before I graduate. Oh and I might be buying a house. So until I get my degree the modding and racing has been officially put on hold.
    Not a whole lot. Just working and decided to go back to school in the summer time. Maybe I'll see you at the next meet.
    yea it's been too long. u need to go to a meet already! i'm getting tired of expecting to see you and then getting let down! lol j/k.... yea, school is kicking my ass too! spring break coming up though! u got anything planned?
    haha...well im doing good...driving alot more careful now haha... Been haning out with Nicko alot lately. waiting for spring...i hate this wet weather. i need the track to open. O yeah...also been a GREAT week
    surprisingly still havent seen your car in person yet..Call up Nicko some time or something so i can see it haha
    Well hello :) I'm glad you keep breaking your GTO because it keeps getting better and better every time you do :)
    Doing good, just waiting for spring and the salt to be gone. I haven't drove the goat since before Thanksgiving. When you get some free time, come and join up on the Chicago Holden Connection - There is going to be a spring cruise on May 16th down Rt 66 from Joliet to Springfield, and some have said they want to go all the way to St. Louis. The cruise details is still in the works at LS1GTO midwest section. If anything exciting is going to happen, I will find a way to let you know. I still check in here at TCG every day.
    Hey! I've been good. Waiting for damn spring to get here. You need to be here more often haha!
    Things are good. Just busy with work and stuff, can't wait for Spring! What have you been up to?
    I"m doing well over here, just chuggin along waiting for spring. What have you been up to? Don't think I've seen you on the site too often.
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