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    Hawk has landed!!!

    That sucks but if I that was me I wouldn't even report it . You will loose $5-10K on a trade down the road because it will have accident reported on carfax.
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    Dragy - GPS based performance box

    I don't think that slope is very accurate on short distances like 0-60mph , it could be due to the vehicle movement during launch . I've seen some crazy slope reading even at the drag strip when it comes to 0-60mph but the slope was very accurate , pretty much the same on all 1/4 mile runs at...
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    Dragy - GPS based performance box

    Calculated slope was -1.31 over the distance from 0-60mph but the calculated slope was -.15 from 0 to 1/8mile . Too much downhill in the begging
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    2019 Volt Premier - 1st Fillup

    Bolt , Volt , Prius don't even need rainbow stickers :eek: . Limo tint and park a block away when you arrive at your destination
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    Derek's 2017 Mexico Blue Audi R8 V10 plus

    super warm , it's Lake Michigan :ROFLMAO:. it's warm like 15 days out of a year LOL
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    Derek's 2017 Mexico Blue Audi R8 V10 plus

    Thanks . it was 2015 . Boltons , E85 and weight reduction on stock turbos . My full weight GTR run consistent 10.0-10.1 when I got the tune and LC figured out . You can run 9s full weight with upgraded turbos but these motors aren't very strong . I never put bigger turbos , 2 factors . engine...
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    Derek's 2017 Mexico Blue Audi R8 V10 plus

    Nice weather today
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    YouTube Audi RS6 vs Tesla M3P

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    New heartbeat

    Cool that you got it back , car sounds great . Did you put aftermarket cam in it ?
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    New heartbeat

    oil looks clean but smells like E85 so E85 definitely gets mixed with oil
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    New heartbeat

    I always did around 2000 miles full synthetic when I run E85 in my GTR . Oil is pretty cheap , oil change was $30 for me . You have flex fuel so I highly recommend running 1 tank of 93 gas like every 3-4 months to lube the fuel system and clean the gunk that E85 leaves
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    TCG Musicians, or Guitar gear junkies?

    I don't play guitar. Found this one when one of the guys moved out from my rental house last year. Not sure if its worth anything
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    Tesla vs. Porsche

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    GM I was going to buy a Camaro SS, but WOW...

    Unless it came from me LOL , it would have 200 1/4 mile passes , and 20 1/2 miles passes before it hits the first 1000 mile mark :bowrofl:
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    2020 SSC Tuatara

    looks pretty crazy , I like it
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