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Old 06-30-2015, 12:35 AM   #1
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Default C32 Rear Brake Problems

Hello All

I'm in a bit of a bind. My car's in the garage on jack stands right now and will stay there until I can get the right/rear caliper back on.

The other day I was getting a squealing noise from the rear passenger side wheel and the rotor was looking a bit scored so I assumed it was time for new pads. I was unable to remove the pads from the top on either side so I figured why not pull off the caliper and push them out from the back side.

The drivers side came apart pretty easily but I still had to carefully beat the pads out from the bottom through the top with a hammer. They came out and the pistons looked good (but old). I installed the new pads and hung the caliper torquing it down tight.

The passengers side pretty much came a part just as easily as the drivers side but I to use more force to break the caliper bolts loose. Turns out this extra force stripped the first couple of threads from the caliper bracket. When I get the hole of the caliper lined up with the hole of the bracket the bolt falls all the way in the hole and does not grab any threads no matter how hard I push or angle the bolt/caliper. I tried the bolts from the driver's side and they wouldn't grab any threads either. I then tried the the bolts from the passengers side on the drivers side and they bottomed out on the threads right away and snugged up as expected.

My questions are:
- will similar but longer bolts from a local hardware store for the passengers side be a good fix?

- what grade/thread/pitch will I need?

- or will I need to use a helicoil/timesert? I've never messed with these before and would hate to make things worse

thanks a lot

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Old 06-30-2015, 09:30 PM   #2
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Today I purchased (2) M10X1.5mm X 40mm case hardened (10.8) flange bolts and 8 washers. I got everything hand tight in less than a minute and it fit well. I only had 10mins to work on it tonight but tomorrow when I have more time I'll remove 1 washers per bolt so that only 3 are on and see if that gives me enough bolt/thread action without the bolt hitting the dust shield.

I really think it'll work but I'm starting to get paranoid the caliper will come flying off one day and then I'll be in deep **** so I'm considering taking it down the street to a local shop to have it re-tapped for M12 or have a helicoil/timesert installed unless a sponsor sees this and wants the work.

What's your opinion?

Should I use red or blue thread locker to put it back together?

Am I an accident waiting to happen by having only half the threads on the back right hub? Or am I being overly paranoid.

thx again
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Old 06-30-2015, 09:40 PM   #3
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Rear brakes only do 20% or less of the stopping, so worst case scenario you would still be able to stop if the rear failed. That being said what is the torque you used on the bolts when putting them in, how many threads do you think it grabbed (anything more than 5 should be good to go). It would be quite a stretch to shear that bolt if you didn't over torque it and stretch it.. IIRC most caliper bolts are only grade 8 anyway, so you should be good there.

But I'm sure those more experienced than me will chime in as well.
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