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  1. California is at it again
  2. Noose Found at Home Depot
  3. Is Chris Pratt Racist?
  4. just a heads up,clean your a/c..change filter etc
  5. RIP Ross Perot
  6. What Would You Like To See In Future POTUS?
  7. Detroit music festival sets ticket prices based on race
  8. Bad news - 45,000 Barrels
  9. New puppy thread - I guess Im a dog owner now...
  10. The guy charged with killing the girl in Utah ....
  11. Bank of America will no longer do business with companies who run detention centers
  12. R.I.P. Beth Chapman
  13. Jarhead MC Crash - 7 dead
  14. Elk Grove Village hiring Firefighters
  15. Bernie Sanders to propose canceling entire $1.6 trillion in U.S. student loan debt
  16. Tech giant wars are here
  17. cook county wheel tax liability letter
  18. IL Sen. Taunts Gun Owner: Forget the Fine, Maybe We’ll Just Take Your Firearms
  19. ridiculous highway crash
  20. Salvage Title Questions
  21. Thoughts - comments - concerns
  22. Pinterest boss put pro life and conservative sites on porn blocklist
  23. IL Vehicle Registration v.Trailers
  24. Dad gets death sentence for killing his kids
  25. RIP MikeMAN987
  26. ‘Prophet’ Samuel L. Jackson Explains His Eerily Accurate Prediction About Trump
  27. Never seen so many women excited about murdering their own children!!
  28. You can't unsee this so be warned
  29. John Stewart takes Congress to pound town
  30. Illegal residents in California will now get health coverage via taxing legals
  31. License plate info please
  32. Russian Destroyer plays chicken with U.S. Cruiser
  33. Gene Modification is like Rocket Science
  34. Abuse at Fair Oaks Farms in NWI
  35. D-Day, 75 years
  36. Alabama in for castration [emoji108]
  37. Is The Word "Owner" Racist?
  38. TCG Home - HVAC HRV Questions
  39. 11 Dead, 6 wounded Plus shooter dead in Virginia Beach shooting
  40. North Korea’s Kim Jong Un reportedly executes officials after failed Hanoi summit wit
  41. Illinois House Passes "Fix the FOID" Legislation
  42. Use Hashtag Symbol? You're a Nazi
  43. SD Card Corrupted - Recovery?
  44. THANK YOU!!!
  45. Facial recognition software is.....racist?
  46. Report says China is killing the planet, not U.S.
  47. A Great Training Opportunity This Afternoon!
  48. Elk grove village is hiring
  49. Anyone got a sheet metal brake?
  50. May 20th, Everybody draw mohammed Day
  51. Ohio state team doctor sexually abused 177 male students
  52. Say goodbye to the SATs.
  53. Comparing the 5 highest paid male CEOs vs the 5 highest paid females CEOs
  54. American cities in debt rankings - Guess who's first
  55. US deploying military assets to the Middle East to defend against Iran
  56. entitlement whores gone wild!!
  57. Drug manufacturer Tiva and 19 other drug companies accused of price fixing
  58. Violence against pro life activists
  59. SJW outrage at a picture of a rope
  60. Get Ready to Pay More to Drive in Illinois... Air Tax is Next!
  61. Guys plays circle game on Cubs, they ban him forever.
  62. Georgia just criminalized Abortion
  63. The Official School Shooting Thread
  64. The Arctic sea ice vanishing? Great news for America!
  65. Anyone Sue a Nursing Home for a family member
  66. Directed Energy Weapons - Including Lightning Bolt Weapons
  67. Explosion in Gurnee
  68. Sprinkler Owners Step in
  69. Diabetus equipment hacking
  70. I 90 shut down, possible bomb scare
  71. The kid missing in Crystal Lake
  72. Warren unveils $640 billion college debt forgiveness plan
  73. Explosions rock at least three churches and two hotels in Sri Lanka, over 200 dead
  74. Democratic Candidates 2020 thread
  75. German scientists confirm: Electric vehicles are more pollutant than diesel
  76. Serious Concerns About Youth Pastor's Mental Health
  77. Measles is back
  78. New York City Imposing Congestion Tax on Drivers
  79. PC Diagnostics, Google fails me.
  80. Putting American flags on police cars sparks backlash in Laguna Beach
  81. Chicago as the 51st state?
  82. Nerd Time: Who here plays chess?
  83. JP Morgan Chase grilled for not paying living wage...and bad life choices
  84. Illinois father and son charged with selling diseased body parts
  85. Israel almost lands on the moon
  87. WATCH: No One Had A Problem Watching A Man Get Beaten Up Until He Pulled Out His Gun
  88. Ray Dalio: Why and how capitalism needs to be reformed.
  89. 74% of people would rather receive a tax refund than a slightly larger check.
  90. IL income tax
  91. Lady hit with shirt from t-shirt cannon suing for $1M
  92. Kim Foxx megathread, anyone?
  94. Here we go again - IRS is changing paycheck withholdings
  95. BOA raising min wage to $20/hr by 2021
  96. if any of you fellas want to get into computery machines - free training (RPA)
  97. Batavia High School put on lockdown this morning
  98. New College Course - Angry White Male Studies
  99. Instagram & Email Hacked
  100. Worst human being moved to Aurora
  101. Huge Chicago Cop Beats Up Female Bartender After She Tells Him He's Too Drunk
  102. What do you call it when a policeman is afraid of a black guy??
  103. Illinois House votes to require woman, African American on all corporate boards
  104. Extension ladders?
  105. In today's WTF Joe Rogan edition
  106. Michael Avenatti is not having a good week
  107. FOID cards ruled unconstitutional
  108. Commercial nut and bolt program
  109. Nashville officer hospitalized after being dragged down street by ATV
  110. So Nebraska is in bad shape
  111. New Zealand - 49 dead at 2 mosques
  112. The gun problem in the US.......solved
  113. Manufacturer of AR-15 Can Be Sued Over Sandy Hook Massacre, Court Rules
  114. Racism in America now extends to..... Pollution?
  115. Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin Snared in College Cheating Scandal
  116. Another new 737 goes down
  117. Illinois Bill HB3562: Deny FOID card to those prescibed painkillers for >90 days
  118. BREAKING: Active shooter in or around Rockford
  119. Would you deny Cancer treatment? Age/Family is a Factor?
  120. Licensed Plumber for Fire Hydrant Repair Needed
  121. When the left has gone so far off the cliff that Will Smith is "not black enough"
  122. Google Drive API Experts - Need Some Help
  123. Measles reaches Illinois
  124. Anyone get the flu/sickness yet
  125. Friday Dumpster fire lulz: ATF Waco edition
  126. NASA is going nuclear
  127. Just when you thought democrats couldn't get any dumber??
  128. What was your effective federal tax rate for 2018
  129. So....this is NUTS.
  130. India and Pakistan be shooting at each other
  131. New Housing Crisis Possible in 2019
  132. My little journey back into time....
  133. Trans Women Competing in Womens' Sports?
  134. Illinois HB0186: Cops not allowed to do cop things anymore.
  135. Hiring Technicians
  136. HB0186
  137. JB Pricker Bag tax
  138. H.R.1263 - Add all semi-auto rifle that accepts a detachable magazine to the NFA.
  139. aoc's fancy new capitalist pig home, that didn't take long!!!!!!
  140. RIP Peter Tork
  141. Illinois SB2090: JAILS-PRISONS-VOTING
  142. Civil Forfeiture may be on the way out
  143. $15 an hour minimum wage coming to Illinois
  144. Oregon To Lower Voting Age To 16
  145. "Being A Man" , by Paul Theroux
  146. get paid to learn how to code
  147. Sandals Bahamas Resort Questions
  148. Mileage tax bill HB2864 on the docket
  149. Guess which state is the worst ran in the country!!!
  150. Recommend me a washer / dryer
  151. The U.S. national debt hits $22 trillion for the first time
  152. Americans aren't paying their car loans
  153. IL HR0101
  154. New Jersey passes Rain Tax Bill
  155. Official 2018 Federal Tax Return Group Therapy
  156. It rubs the lotion on its skin...
  157. Who do you like for mayor & why??
  158. Teaching Migrants to Lie (Lauren Southern)
  159. Racial Homophobic Attack on Actor Jussie Smollet...
  160. Houston Five Officers Shot - Update with forensics info
  161. Phoenix restaurant says this is a photo of coal miners. But I see offensive blackface
  162. Offensive Nike Logo should be removed from shelves
  163. Cure for Cancer within a year?
  164. U.S. Agrees to Peace Deal with Taliban
  165. Polar Vortex HVAC Thread
  166. "Obsolete Man Skills You Should Ditch"
  167. Want a FOID card? Hand over your social media accounts.
  168. Candace Owens exposes the false narrative of the left on ICE immigration centers
  169. Arrest made in comatose woman rape case
  170. Orland mall shooting
  171. Joe Biden - White America, You Can Do Better!
  172. What should it pay ?!?!?
  173. LEARN ME: HELOC/Home Equity Loan/Refi/Second Mortgage
  174. The Best a Man Can Get?
  175. R.I.P. Gavin Smith
  176. Florida man decapitated by helicopter
  177. Missing Wisconsin Teen Whose Parents were Murdered Escapes Captor
  178. Normal dealership procedure?
  179. Northside Chicago residents carwash Promo
  181. China to land spaceship on moon this month
  182. Elizabeth Warren is running for President
  183. Ebola in Africa update
  184. Brazil is done fucking around
  185. Illinois lost 45,000 residents from 2017-2018
  186. Winter Solstice, totally cloudy...
  187. BREAKING - James Mad Dog Mattis "retiring"
  188. Green New Deal
  189. New York Seante Bill: Want a gun license? Hand over your passwords.
  190. HS Sports In Jeopardy in IL?
  191. 2 CPD officers killed by train while investigating shooting near tracks
  192. the machines are upon us
  193. Rahm trying to get IL's gas tax raised 20-30 cents per gallon
  194. Police shooting in Palatine
  195. A college kid running for 13th Ward alderman gets a lesson in the Chicago Way
  196. Calling all Travel Gurus
  197. CNN Bomb Threat
  198. Theres Finally a Persuasive Case of Election Fraud and Republicans Dont Care
  199. crispr baby gene editing
  200. Neil deGrasse Tyson has been a bad man
  201. Goerge Herbert Walker Bush gone @94
  202. Ed Burke raid
  203. three identical strangers
  204. How much to build a LS 6.0 to 600HP?
  205. how much vacation/PTO/sick time do you get?
  206. Anyone interested in converting VHS to DVD for $$
  207. Michael Bloomberg Donates $1.8B to Johns Hopkins University
  208. BLM Protestor Responds to Police K9 Unit Shot and Killed by Thug
  209. 70,000 Acres on Fire Near L.A.
  210. Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized after fall.
  211. 12 Dead, Mass Shooting So Cal
  212. Can someone explain exactly what's going on in this midterm election?
  213. Initiative Q wtf is it?
  214. Lawmakers Drafting Bill That Would Allow Social Media Checks Before Gun Purchase
  215. Florida Yoga School Shooting - Two Dead, Several Wounded
  216. Postage discounts
  217. "Nobody needs to know" Beto Campaign Appears to Illegally Spend Funds on Supplies for
  218. Educate me on Tvs
  219. Windows 10 local user and RDP at the same time?
  220. What do you believe in huh? WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN!!??!?!?!
  221. Would you like Bar ideas.
  222. Well my TV crapped out
  223. China Still Depleting Ozone Layer
  224. Reputable jewler and setting purchase
  225. TCG property attorneys inside!
  226. IL voters PLEASE READ
  227. Youtube is down 10/16/18
  228. This Saudi Journalist Murder Thing
  229. News Now Houston 1st Amendment Auditor
  230. The next Great Recession is coming
  231. Leaked Google doc on censorship
  232. Bloomberg considering a 2020 run?
  233. Godwin's Law
  234. United Nations to the rest of the world - we're fucked
  235. Here we go again... The next tropical storm of doom for Florida
  236. Let’s not forget who voted to raise our taxes in Illinois.
  237. mccann for Governor, what an idiot!!!!
  238. Typhus Epidemic Hits L.A. County/Pasadena
  239. Elgin / Route 20 Construction
  240. Best way to get rubber out wheel well
  241. Flight 93 Memorial w/photos
  242. FEMA Nationwide Cell Phone test 10-3-2018
  243. How much for ze leetle girl?
  244. Elon Musk Charged With Fraud
  245. IRS doing your taxes for you?
  246. Japan successfully lands two small rovers on asteroid
  247. Van Dyke verdict
  248. Governors debate
  249. What Would You Do? Restaurant manager won't serve patron
  250. Marines Sprint to Save Seniors in DC Fire