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  1. if you are looking for a fixer upper...
  2. North Korea Military Airshow
  3. Animal people- new IL bill is murder
  4. Rare gray wolf appears for first time in 83 years
  5. Drone missile test video
  6. Question for EMTs
  7. Remember, these special snow flakes will grow up to be "leaders"
  8. Corvette C7 stars in White House Press Corp dinner video
  9. "opposite of america" meme on facebook - full of bullshit
  10. Looking into Web Hosting...
  11. Rob Ford - Hebron, IL edition
  12. us department of education can suck it
  13. When Fighting an Old Man Goes One Step Too Far - Self Defense, or Assault?
  14. Plumbing!
  15. building a resume
  16. Woman hits kids, one dies, sues kid's parents for "emotional trauma"
  17. These 20 Photos Are Going To Make You Cry. But Youíll See Why Itís Totally Worth It.
  18. Suicide rate among special forces is record-breaking - See more at: http://rare.us/st
  19. Pays to work for the IRS.
  20. How Being a Doctor Became the Most Miserable Profession
  21. Looking for a little help. Please read.
  22. Mold Remediation Companies
  23. Happy Easter!
  25. Cocky kid or cranky cop?
  26. Ukraine Conflict
  27. Opinion: "Open letter to hot girls posing with cars"
  28. U.S. government backs down when confronted by Nevada rancher and friends
  29. IRS Seizing Tax Refunds of Children, Grand children Over Parents' Decades-Old Debts
  30. Holy mother of god
  31. The 60 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken That Perfectly Capture The Human Experience
  32. Feme camps and Obama care
  33. Bundy Ranch...Wrong or Right?
  34. Another school Stabbing sigh...
  35. Is this right or wrong?
  36. Wow!
  37. Virginia Democrat James P. Moran says "congress is underpaid"
  38. Officer kills 95yr old man
  39. KKK in New Lenox
  40. Just when you thought you were taxed enough
  41. UIC student sexual assault
  42. Dupont heir rapes 3 yr old daughter, avoids prison
  43. March 31 Health Insurance Deadline
  44. BP spilling oil again
  45. Banking Question
  46. Alaska Politicians Have The Weirdest Ideas
  47. So happy to see this
  48. Slim86 must have family in Wisconsin
  49. Obama to Putin: U.S. Will Punish Russia for Ukraine Vote
  50. Patient Satisfaction in Hospitals
  51. Billboard on i55
  52. Russia claims they've intercepted a US drone over Crimea
  54. People who annoy you V.stand your ground
  55. On the verge of Cold War #2 and this dick bag is doing this shit?
  56. Teh new doublewide
  57. Been a busy week. My bday, and our son born next day after false labor alarm.....
  58. Promotion advice...
  59. Happy birthday Chicago!
  60. US pledges 1 billion to Ukraine
  61. Thanks Illinois
  62. Gay Rights - 1 Religion - 0
  63. U.S. leaders still annoyed about Snowden?
  64. Renting vs buying
  65. Closed for 3 years and they are still making Discoveries at Fermi Lab
  66. Rep. John M. Cabello created a bill to remove FOID requirement in IL
  67. California to Split into 6 States?
  68. Mel Reynolds Surfaces with another Sex Arrest
  69. Mexican Drug Lord Home After Being Raided
  70. Karma
  71. Put a offer on a House
  72. Olympic Events Thread
  73. Can a Destroyer launch a nuke?
  74. Offended over a Black History Month-themed menu
  75. School officials deeply troubled over guns appearing ON SIGNS BANNING GUNS
  76. CHP pig arrests Californian firefighter for not moving the firetruck
  77. Should Creationism be taught side-by-side in public schools?
  78. Former TSA Agent Explains Full Body Scanners Didn't Work, But Did Let Him See You Nak
  79. Snow that doesn't melt
  80. Taking 401k out question
  81. Resume Question
  82. Rep. Michael Grimm Threatens Reporter
  83. Obama State of the Union
  84. America Needs Their Own Version of Rob Ford!!!
  85. Olympics and Security concerns
  86. Homeland Security working hard to protect us
  87. Healthcare.gov - mission accomplished
  88. "Shot(s) Fired!!!" Yeah no shit brah.
  89. If Fortune 500 Companies Shared 5% of their Cash Holdings with their Workers...
  90. Social Attitude Test
  91. Chicago is becoming what? Gun friendly!?
  92. Got Political Opponents? Snarl Their Traffic
  93. Illinois CCW Applications outpace Obamacare
  94. Incredible new evidence that discredits Obama's Birth Certificate
  95. Do you want to get insanely fucking mad?
  96. D.C. forcing all registered gun owners to re-register or face jail
  97. Cruise Ship Trapped in Ice off Antarctica
  98. Thanks Safeway
  99. Remember, only white people can be racist
  100. Merry fucking Christmas
  101. How much is your health insurance
  102. Is it bad to close credit accounts?
  103. Protester stands his ground against police intimidation - Gun confiscation
  104. Unmasking the Mortgage Interest Deduction: Who Benefits and by How Much?
  105. A former prosecutor fights the law and lets it win.
  106. Judge finds NSA phone collection unconstitutional
  107. Tom Dart is going to pretend the 5th Amendment doesn't exist...
  108. trib article on speeding
  109. China is on the Moon
  110. Another colorado school shooting
  111. Air Force to possibly cut 25,000 personnel... Army even more
  112. LA Sheriffs threaten FBI agent for investigating them
  113. fake protesters and agents
  114. Flags at Half Staff for Nelson Mandela... REALLY!?!?!
  115. FBI can secretly turn on laptop cameras without the indicator light
  116. Edward Snowden allegedly has over 58,000 top secret documents...
  117. 3 Months of Rogaine: Before and After Pics
  118. "Give me one good reason we shouldn't build this?" - high speed rail
  119. Destination Wedding
  120. Marine General Apologizes to Afghan Prez
  121. So the NSA was actually Ceiling Cat all these years
  122. pretend it was president mccain
  123. WorstWelfare Queen Ever
  124. Another mind bending tidbit from public schools
  125. Filibusted
  126. 4A and roadside "safety checks"
  127. This is SO AWESOME!!
  128. Presidential approval poll - TCG style!
  129. TWA Flight 800
  130. Missing Mcstay family finally found....all dead.
  131. Point 'em out, knock 'em out - Teen: 0 CCW Holder: 1
  132. Sooooooooo. If you cant prevent rape, just enjoy it.
  133. the banks/people responsible may be held accountable after all...
  134. Here is an eye opening picture
  135. 4 y/o girl raped and beaten almost to death by Chief Cleric at Pakistani Seminary
  136. Family wants "justice" for their degenerate son getting shot during armed robbery
  137. what the fuck is wrong with people
  138. Gay marriage will be legal in IL in June - passes House, Senate
  139. Worst blown stopsign ever...
  140. "Why My Kids Are NOT the Center of My World"
  141. Introducing America's top occupation
  142. Flexible spending accounts???
  143. Flight turns unforgettable when passengers learn of fallen soldier - Moving article.
  144. Not real, but funny.
  145. Canadian Editorial
  146. What are the implications? The ocean is broken.......
  147. John McAfee is a Badass
  148. Snowden's information continues to influence the world
  149. Prenups... who has done them/how does it work?
  150. Osama Bin Laden's Neighbor tells his eyewitness account what he saw that night.
  151. MERICA!
  152. Rahm wants to hike cigarette taxes again...
  153. Teen shoplifts, police discover dead fetus in bag
  154. Speed cameras
  155. EBT glitch causes welfare benefit frenzy
  156. Does the gov't make the deadline for the budget?
  157. The truth about Jesus??
  158. Cavuto: Mr. President, we at Fox News are not the problem
  159. How the feds took down the Dread Pirate Roberts
  160. Well... it's not just guns that makes school officials go full retard...
  161. Anti-Gun Stupidity Has Reached Inconceivable Levels - (Worse than kids w/ squirtguns)
  162. Just dial 1-800-F**KYO to reach Obamacareís national hotline
  163. Shots fired on Capitol Hill 10/3/13
  164. CEO Who Resisted NSA Spying Out Of Prison, Vindicated By Snowden Leaks
  165. Obamacare exchange leaks data of 2,400 unsuspecting customers
  166. WW2 Veterans push aside barricades to WW2 Memorial
  167. Looming Government Shutdown
  168. I phone update
  169. Obamacare
  170. How does anyone believe a Plane hit the Pentagon?
  171. too big to fail?
  172. In 1961 an atom bomb nearly exploded over North Carolina
  173. If Obama had another daughter, she would look just like this
  174. obama deserves peace prize; can't explain why
  175. Syria needs 1 billion in order to get rid of chemical weapons
  176. 9 Potential Mass Shootings That Were Stopped By Someone With A Personally Owned Firea
  177. Another Osama post
  178. This is how rapists should be punished. **Very Graphic Images**
  179. The U.S. and Japan: Partners in Historical Falsification
  180. Syria accepts Russian proposal to surrender control of chemical weapons
  181. Reality vs. The World According to Dennis Rodman
  182. Funny, yesterday I was wondering how IL is broke...
  183. Russia now might back a US strike on Syria
  184. Ariel Castro commits suicide in jail
  185. OT - What to do with totaled car w/liability ins
  186. First time I hear about this :(
  187. Unanimous decision in Ft Hood shooting...
  188. Syria...
  189. blackpeoplemeet.com
  190. WWII Vet beat to death by teens in WA
  191. Quinn signs statewide cell phone driving ban
  192. Jan 1. Illinois to raise maximum speed limit to 70
  193. Nibiru is coming
  194. Ripping Off Young America: The College-Loan Scandal
  195. Remember the Director of "Ceasefire" Who Recently Beat His Wife?
  196. Knife-wielding burglar bruised and battered by 72-year-old retired boxer
  197. Obama Gonna Take R guns away?
  198. Russian Man Out-wits bank
  199. Chicago's test run of speed cameras would have netted $4.7m
  200. New Speed Camera Locations Disclosed
  201. Obama admin to beging pushing Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing policy
  202. What in the FUCK
  203. I wonder if Obama's son would like these fine young men, too.
  204. Rock Island fluoride spill
  205. no wonder they built a huge data center in Utah
  206. How's $15/hour flipping burgers in New York sound?
  207. watching this woman makes your iq drop
  208. Boy, 6, accused of stealing bike attacks police
  209. Depleted Uranium Found at Miami Airport
  210. HR 2666 - Paging Cliff
  211. The definition of a dirty, rotten bitch
  212. Plainfield Fest this weekend
  213. Detroit files for bankruptcy protection
  214. Trayvoning. Really?
  215. 34% say First Amendment goes too far in protecting rights
  216. Eric Holder at NAACP meeting says "It's your duty to retreat"
  217. Man Killed By Street Racing Car Was Coming Home After Job Promotion
  218. News lies
  219. Gays OK but Scouts now say no fat kids
  220. Adoption
  221. Investigation after US military spends $34 million on unused building in Afghanistan
  222. Ex Metra CEO Speaker Michael Madigan's requests led to downfall
  223. Fish Food. You will lol
  224. New York developers use clout to get up to 94% real estate tax discounts
  225. Anti-Pro-Choice people are sick
  226. Drug companies are now exempt from lawsuits
  227. military cats
  228. Only in Commiefornia
  229. Sandy Hook Crime Scene Photos Not to be Released
  230. My right trumps your dead...
  231. U.S.P.S. also spying on Americans
  232. y u so stupid?
  233. North Korea official YT channel
  234. Egypt President Overthrown
  235. Wanted to share some good news with you people for once...
  236. citizenship test
  237. This Is What Winning Looks Like (vice, afghanistan)
  238. It's a Miracle!
  239. Priest beheaded by Syrian rebels
  240. Obama's no legal licenses
  241. illegal seaches at the blackhawks parade?
  242. Founder of Men's Wearhouse, George Zimmer, fired by board
  243. Edward Snowden: Whistleblower or traitor?
  244. deep brain stimulation and parkinson's
  245. Your investments have AAA ratings? Doesn't mean sh*t
  246. So much for not negotiating with terrorists?
  247. Skynet to launch October 2013
  248. So what do you think of this? Had enough yet?
  249. Might be moving far far away..
  250. New Iranian President