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  1. Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev sentenced to death
  2. fox news - not this shit again
  3. Do Not Fall Asleep on Kim Jong-Un
  4. Illinois Supreme Court Says NO To Quinn's Pension Reduction Plan
  5. flag desecration
  6. Canadian Minister of Defense - Alien Disclosure
  7. Cue the Rofls: Lights out? NYC vows to keep Times Square signs, despite fed pressure
  8. Live in Wi, work in IL. Questions...
  9. Any landscapers?
  10. Any plumbers
  11. Fire/Police Scanners - Anyone Listen?
  12. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT
  13. [Site Bidness] Off & On Topic Moderator wanted
  14. Need Advice
  15. my most popular video
  16. Question about road rules
  17. mattress girl
  18. Dipshits
  20. Michigan auto repair shop says yes to gun owners, no to homosexuals.
  21. gender pay gap
  22. 61 Year Old Florida Mailman Delivers Mail to Congress Via Gyrocopter
  23. Tax Day Tricks to Make Your Taxes Go Away
  24. Any way to make this man POTUS?
  25. I think I'm insane.
  26. Where's Ted Cruz getting his campaign money/support?
  27. Hillary Clinton to announce 2016 bid Sunday with video
  28. …& the preliminary results are…
  29. good extended warranty company?
  30. TCG site lag
  31. great snowden interview last night
  32. Insurance question
  33. For the condo/townhouse owners
  34. Garage Flooring Epoxy Help
  35. Need TCG's help deciding what color to paint my house!
  36. Anybody work for a repossession company, or know somebody that does?
  37. Book Review: Racecar: Searching for the Limit in Formula SAE
  38. question for guys working at car dealers/out of state registration related
  39. U.S. to spend $200 mil on test program to get people off food stamps
  40. Replacing Windshield
  41. investors/realtors What town is best bang per buck near Naperville
  42. Soooo fatherhood? Who's done it?
  43. RIP Nick122590
  44. pics in iran from the atlantic
  45. Home Owners Insurance(and car)
  46. waste in afghanistan
  47. Windy-City Motorsports
  48. Credit Card closing question
  49. Need Ideas for Good Photoshoot locations in or around Chicago
  50. Hot Water Heaters`
  51. TCG investment group... step inside
  52. Fast and the furious happened in Los Angeles.
  53. FCC passes net neutrality rules
  54. Wisconsin passes right to work bill...
  55. Anyone use MyFico - Credit Monitoring services?
  56. US to export unmanned lethal aircraft (drones)
  57. Mike Rowe on College Degrees
  58. Need window tinting
  59. My mind is spinning
  60. ISIS releases video of Jordian pilots murder
  61. Man Cave (Garage) Ideas Needed
  62. Need painter recommendation for my car
  63. USW Oilworker Contract Expiring
  64. Obama to be beheaded.
  65. i'd like to pretend his videos are fake
  66. Fireplace Flue Question
  67. House negotiations.
  68. citizenfour
  69. Illinois DOES IT AGAIN!
  70. Saudi Arabia = New King Today
  71. 220v outlet question
  72. That Shark you are seeing may be a Navy Drone
  73. Anyone been to SE Asia/Nepal or South America?
  74. The Andromeda Galaxy Video (Incredible)
  75. Daily Show can't find any homeless in Utah
  76. notice of collection - cook county
  77. Anyone know the driver of this car?
  78. Realtors Greedy Bastards?
  79. Garage Cabinets
  80. Conspiracy Theorists - Pull Up a Chair
  81. Old 60's snowblower question.
  82. It's all true; the Obama care tax penitently
  83. When Ideology Fails
  84. Someone Just Hacked Into The US Military's Central Command
  85. Fair DUI Flyer
  86. 3 strikes and you're out? Romney wanting to try again
  87. Obama To Propose Free Community College Program
  88. Avalanche debt pay down method vs Snowball
  89. Muslim attack on magazine that published cartoon of Muhammed
  90. Illinois one of 6 States with declining population
  91. A Year After Implementation, Illinois Concealed Carry Declared Non-Event By Cops
  92. Need advice, is my pressure tank shot?
  93. Steve Scalise "scandal"
  94. There should be a special place in hell for these smugglers
  95. New Illinois Laws in 2015
  96. Obama says latest round of racial tension is healthy for the US
  97. Michigan signs bill for welfare drug testing
  98. 10 Best Credit Cards of 2014
  99. Finances. How many partners have you had? (Nothing to do with finance)
  100. another finance question. Mortgage
  101. Do people really take this gun commercial serious?
  102. Finances. Yearly "reviews"
  103. Financial talk cont'd: Health insurance, what do you pay?
  104. Well This Is Responsible, More Anti Gun Stupidity.
  105. Home Electrical Help
  106. What do you make, and what do you do for a living
  107. Do your kids really believe in Christmas?
  108. No words to describe.
  109. Its costing 1.1 trillion to keep the govt running thru Sept?
  110. No Protests? No calls for justice? This is sickening
  111. Can anyone look over a resume for me?
  112. Now illegal in IL to video police?
  113. Newest Version of Tapa
  114. When Should You Shoot
  115. Sheriff Clarke has a few choice words for Attorney General Eric Holder.
  116. Bill Cosby not the sweet pudding guy?
  117. Naperville police watching for street racing
  118. Tamir Rice Shooting Video
  119. US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Resigns
  120. Our Current Legislative Process
  121. Why was this guy the number two man in charge of our nukes?
  122. And yet Chipotle does it again
  123. Shooting at FSU Library
  124. Suicide by cop video, and they accidentially kill the police dog too... **VIDEO**
  125. MLWKY Police Chief Loses It During Press Conference
  126. Riots
  127. Sioux tribe: Keystone XL Pipeline Vote an -Act Of War-
  129. Doubling the value of SNAP benefits... when people use them to buy local fruits and v
  130. Its official, check your cats!
  131. food babe is an idiot
  132. Garage Heat
  133. Cop slaps a man for not letting him search his car - video
  134. Mission Accomplished
  135. Elections are over peasants
  136. Chalk another one up for a Chicago Dem..
  137. First black Republican elected to the Senate in SC since the "Reconstruction"
  138. 18 year old wins lower house seat in West Virginia
  139. F-35C Catapults Off The Deck Of A Super Carrier For The First Time
  140. Minimum wage
  141. Go Vote Today
  142. Attn Facebook Crew - I need some votes
  143. 8 facts that explain whats wrong with American health care
  144. Credit Cards to Build Credit
  145. Pope confirms evolution and big bang as real (says Big Bang show sucks dick)
  146. The 10 most Conservative cities in America
  147. #TCGloves.....helping?
  148. voter fraud fucksticks / voter id
  149. Another day another shooting
  150. Hozier - Take Me To Church... What's up with this video?
  151. Dear Democrats Youre Not Liberal Youre Just Children Heres Why (fixed)
  152. Dear Democrats: You’re Not Liberal, You’re Just Children. Here’s Why…
  153. Florida Governor Refuses to Appear Because Opponent has Fan
  154. Saudis dropping oil prices to push out competition
  155. 'Muri.....I mean...wait what? Aweomse.
  156. Healthcare.gov wont release new insurance costs until after November elections
  157. Same-Sex Marriage Ban In Alaska Ruled Unconstitutional
  158. Police-To Protect and Legally Steal From You
  159. unlawful LE entry?
  160. Thanks Obama!
  161. Marriott Fined $600k for jamming guests' Wi-Fi
  162. So I got married v.1stwife
  163. Job situation
  164. Cause of ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease is Found.
  165. getting the $ out of politics
  166. Why Go To Syria To Get Beheaded When You Can Go To Oklahoma?
  167. Eric Holder, Good bye ! ! !
  168. Obama saluting with cup of coffee in his hand
  169. Do you lock your front door?
  170. TSA wants to detain and screen passenger AFTER they landed
  171. And before you think I hate all cops...
  172. ISP loses his shit on someone at DUI checkpoint in Dekalb
  173. F*CK it, I quit....LOLOLOLOL Video awesomeness.
  174. Maven reaches Mars
  175. No Justice NO Football!
  176. The fucking democrats are at it again!
  177. I'm a Dad #The Newest TCG'er
  178. Palins may want to avoid alcohol at their next party
  179. Scientists: Strong Solar Storm Heading to Earth
  180. R.I.P. Richard Kiel (Jaws)
  181. *Real Live Gnome in Pennsylvania?
  182. Chemtrail Flu: Do you have it?
  183. Say goodbye to Summer!
  184. We're Not The Fucking World Police
  185. Homeland security can't find 6000 foreign nationals in the US
  186. Second American beheaded by isis
  187. #whiteguyproblems in the city
  188. Sons of Guns Canceled After Owner Charged with Raping His Daughter
  189. Quinn vetos speed limit increase to 70mph
  190. FBI - Next Gen Indentification (NGI)
  191. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Do you know what you're supporting?
  192. US Journalist Beheaded on Camera
  193. 401k Thoughts
  194. storage locker on the cheap
  195. Politics - Poll - Which politcal party would you chose?
  196. how a suburban swat team sees itself
  197. Obama authorizes Iraq airstrikes
  199. Do you even..... Yelp?
  200. Ebola - What You're Not Being Told*
  201. snapchat - 10 billion - what t h e F U C K
  202. Another Reason To Dislike Chipotle
  203. White House Accidentally E-Mails Torture Report Talking Points to Associated Press
  204. House votes to sue Obama
  205. "Obama Slams GOP Lawsuit Vote" - Video
  206. Immigrant America: They Steal Our Jobs?
  207. Hometown cop shoots dog
  208. Illegals demand representation in White House meetings
  209. Israel student union sets up war room to sell Gaza massacre on Facebook - not loopy?
  210. Israel student union sets up “war room” to sell Gaza massacre on Facebook
  211. 'Who's Going to Question It?': How U.S. Soldiers Murdered Afghan Civilians
  212. tax question
  213. White flags on Brooklyn Bridge
  214. Obamacare gutted by Fed courts?
  215. Another Government "Fee" increase
  216. R.I.P. James Garner
  217. US border patrol fired upon by the Cartel w/.50 cal
  218. Romeoville Institutes Citizen Traffic Enforcement Program
  219. BREAKING - Malaysian passenger plane crashes in Ukraine near Russian border
  220. Iraq Government Forces Executing Prisoners
  221. 'Polar vortex' may return to Chicago next week
  222. how to get spied on by the nsa
  223. the internet's own boy (aaron swartz)
  224. 1 Weekend = 53 Shootings
  225. The 50 Most Awesome Things Ever Done by Americans
  226. Don't blow in Oregon = forced blood test
  227. Supreme Court Votes in Favor of Hobby Lobby
  228. Google Is Offering Free Coding Lessons To Women and Minorities
  229. Cop shoots dog in owners yard.
  230. North Korea Threatens War on US
  231. Unaccompanied, illegal minors crossing the border is an orchestrated event by the WH
  232. Photos of American and NATO fighters intercepting Russian/Soviet Planes
  233. Employees Who Stay In Companies Longer Than Two Years Get Paid 50% Less
  234. The Dog ate my tax receipts Act
  235. The Teamsters?
  236. Washington Redskins Trademark Canceled
  237. Facebook dirty laundry...
  238. stop it you idiots!
  239. Teh amenities thread
  240. Iraq disintegrating/on brink of civil war
  241. House Majority Leader defeated in Republican primary
  242. How long is your commute?
  244. WTF cop related..
  245. Questions swirl after Bowe Bergdahl's release
  246. Jay Carney quits
  247. Solar Roadways
  248. Bought my first starter home in Algonquin.
  250. Hickory St. Murders [CREST HILL] update