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  1. 100k holiday bonus. not bad...
  2. Time Magazine Person of the Year
  3. So Iran may have tested a ballistic missile in November...we're not sure
  4. Anyone hear Rahm's speech this morning?
  5. mind control made easy
  6. OT - Interested in TCG book club? (Publication Pontification Club)
  7. Do College Students Hate Free Speech? Let's Ask Them.
  8. Trump wants Bill Gates to turn off parts of the internet
  9. Trump calls for 'complete shutdown' on Muslims entering US
  10. U.S. Attack Takes Out Oil Wells in Syria
  11. Stop babies crying video
  12. Finland is considering giving every citizen 800 EUR a month (not broken thread)
  13. Finland is considering giving every citizen 800 a month
  14. car financing trends - crazy debt
  15. What is your definition of arms?
  16. interesting....the 1% of mices
  17. Banks Predict Oil Could Drop To $20 Per Barrel
  18. Madoff pays out 6th Ponzi scheme ruling
  19. Walmart shooting in Darien
  20. Bill Whittle on gun facts.
  21. Active shooter(s) in San Bernardino, CA
  22. Surprised it hasn't been posted yet Gary McCarthy fired
  23. But its ok for one and not the other?
  24. Trump wants to be paid 5mil to be in the next CNN debate
  25. Student with gun arrested at Barrington High School
  26. Ohh look another N.Korean launch failure......
  27. Homeless veteran beaten to death
  28. black friday what the fucks
  29. anyone know a lawyer - something in consumer protection area?
  30. More Job questions....F*****
  31. What Fridge Brand to Buy?
  32. Turkey shoots down Russian warplane
  33. Good Samaritans Pull Baby From Burning Car
  34. Donald Trumps Fact-Free Weekend
  35. the kronies
  36. Your (likely) Time Magazine Person of the Year
  37. Al Sharpton Gives Himself 71% Raise...
  38. Economists tested 7 welfare programs to see if they made people lazy. They didnt.
  39. 7 Things I Learned Reading Every Issue Of ISISs Magazine
  40. Obamacare a bust already?
  41. EVERYONE PANIC! ISIS threatens to blow up the White House
  42. Fat heckler owned by Trump
  43. It's about to go down here in Chicago next week..
  44. Bernie Sanders Explains Democratic Socialism Nov. 19, 2 PM Eastern Time
  45. Ben Carson's America...
  46. Hillary Clinton and the first amendment.
  47. AMA supports ban on prescription drug ads
  48. Four passengers removed from Chicago destined Baltimore flight.
  49. Anonymous Hactivist are taking down pro ISIS accounts.
  50. Bargain with Russia?
  51. VA/Nursing Homes in here please
  52. Going to an Ivy League School Sucks
  53. America invaded by "refugee" Trojan Horse
  54. McCarthyism returning to American universities
  55. BREAKING: Terrorist attack in Paris
  56. Mizzou..
  57. Jihadi John drone strike.......
  58. Our Tax Dollars at Work in the Middle East
  59. im sick of this shit. its called respect.
  60. Putin Associate dead in Wash. D.C. Hotel.
  61. Ben Carson Stepped in it This Time
  62. Canada's New Minister Of Defense Is This Badass Sikh-Canadian Warrior
  63. greasy, carly heard your call
  64. Another Russian plane crash.
  65. The No. 1 'too big to fail' bank is...
  66. Hose through a door?
  67. Anyone have LEED AP credentials?
  68. CIA admits to withholding information on JFK assassination
  69. Chicago Man With Concealed Carry Permit Kills Robber
  70. Russian Airliner Blows up over Egypt
  71. Has anyone seen this giant balloon?
  72. Eye doctor
  73. Get ready, another Trump centered debate is on tonight
  74. Northrop Grumman Wins The Contract To Produce America's Next Stealth Bomber
  75. U.S is putting troops on the ground to directly fight ISIS
  76. Politicians makes laws so they can be corrupt with impunity
  77. New Poll: Most Students Favor Mandatory Trigger Warnings, Speech Codes
  78. MSNBC: Melissa Harris-Perry - dumbest person on tv?
  79. No more specialty plates for Illinois
  80. what a bunch of pussies
  81. Other "welfare states" should pay for US Defense
  82. Is greed good or bad?
  83. VW Golf R - Thoughts??
  84. bernie sanders, economic illiterate
  85. universal basic income
  86. Say Hi To Another Mini TCG Member! v.Euro2
  87. in todays act of intellectual cowardice
  88. Need a recommendation for a general physician.
  89. Do SEO companies really work?
  90. Newly elected Canadian government to dump F35 Program
  91. Where are your tax monies going in 2016?
  92. Need some guidance/advice from someone who's in the computer field
  93. Politics: Where Do You Fall?
  94. The US budget deficit is at its lowest since 2008, narrows to $439 billion
  95. Who really won the Democratic Debate?
  96. the drone papers
  97. More Tax Proposing on Cook County
  98. Democratic Debate (CNN)
  99. Army Recommends No Jail For Bowe Bergdahl
  100. Tapa Issues
  101. afghanistan AMA
  102. Move over oxy acetylene!
  103. Oil export restriction commercial (Youtube, rant?)
  104. Navy Federal Credit Union?
  105. So Im still car shopping. What would you do?
  106. U.S. Airstrike Hits Doctors Without Borders Hospital
  107. VICE Special Report: Fixing The System (PRISON) - Full Episode (HBO)
  108. R.I.P. Gary Richrath (REO Speedwagon)
  109. On my way to the gym and heard this happened......
  110. Mass shooting at Oregon community college
  111. On topic: If you were Lord of TCG, what section would you add?
  112. How do you patch a fiberglass panel you cant get behind?
  113. Vent Free Heaters
  114. R.I.P. Erik Roner
  115. Trump's Tax Reform policy ideas
  116. TCG has always been an extremely close community, but starting today...
  117. What I Learned About al Qaeda from Analyzing the Bin Laden Tapes
  118. TCG is Hiring - Multiple Openings
  119. the middle east friendship chart
  120. 91 y.o. woman charged with 260,000 counts of accessory to murder
  121. Scumbag of the year
  122. Ayone have a DIY Home Security System?
  123. What's going on on I88 just before 47?
  124. Anyone watch the debate tonight?
  125. President Obama invites accused teen and his cool clock to White House
  126. TCG swag???
  127. Comcast is literally the worst company in the world.
  128. Mchenry County Deputy Passes Away 1 year after being shot
  129. Uplifting 911 story. Must read
  131. Remains of ancient human species found in S Africa cave
  132. John McAfee (yep, the virus guy) is running for President
  133. hildogs sorry
  134. R.I.P. Judy Carne
  135. Am I wrong? Health Insurance Edition.
  136. California Elementary School Implementing Non Gender Bathrooms
  137. Hit Someone With Your Car In China? Make Sure You Kill Them!
  138. UFO? over miami
  139. Kentucky clerk refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses issued jail time
  140. One of our members has unfortunately passed
  141. Shirts to support Lt Joe Gliniewicz family
  142. What the jihadists who bought Islam for Dummies on Amazon tell us about radicalisatio
  143. Football Player Shot By Police at Auto Dealership Had Drugs in System
  144. Marine Vet - Michael Whaley - All Lives Matter
  145. Russia threatens to provide proof 9/11 was a inside job
  146. Nevemind Clintons email mess, just some Clinton aide whining about her pay..........
  147. How much you should have saved for retirement right now
  148. Man Hunt underway in Fox Lake
  149. Starkist lawsuit.
  150. your dumb politically correct thread of the day
  151. PMI, principal and our tax bill
  152. Corporation Uses Our Money To Lobby Congress- Gets Caught-Uses Our Money To Pay Fines
  153. How's your 401k doing?
  154. Three Americans Tackle Terrorist on French Train
  155. Philadelphia Police Officer Extorts Motorist
  156. interesting 'gender gap' related article
  157. Global Warming Solved - CO2 into Carbon Fiber
  158. Article 4 free inhabitant (crackpots)
  159. Can we talk about Feminism?
  160. ON TOPIC: Ferguson and related topics
  161. I want to switch my bank account
  162. WTF target? Target to move away from gender-based signs
  163. Anyone recommend a limo service?
  164. First GOP Debate Contenders Announced
  165. Place to bring TV and old pc
  166. Seattle sees fallout from $15 minimum wage, as other cities follow suit
  167. For Those Who Rent or Own a Townhouse Come Inside
  168. Cops just cant stay out of the news, SWAT this time
  169. The planned parenthood tapes
  170. Here we go again............................SMFH
  171. F35 will be worth it with one minor little change...........
  172. Celebs Protest Amnesty International Call to Decriminalize Prostitution
  173. Starbucks bans man for scolding customers in handicapped parking
  174. Killing lions is awesome
  175. Driveway Seal Coat
  176. Arizona Psycho Slays/Decapitates Wife and Dogs
  177. Allen West explodes about Iran deal
  178. THANKS TURKEY!! Greatly appreciated!
  179. Every building in the entire country gets a metal detector......
  180. Divorce lawyer. Need one. asap
  181. Florida Gun Store Owner Declares His Store A Muslim Free Zone
  182. Lockheed Martin acquires helo manufacturer Sikorsky in $9B deal
  183. Scott Walker drops truth bombs!
  184. Black Officer in SC Helps White Supremacist
  185. cheap web nerd training bundle (programming)
  186. Images Show Islamic State Missile Attack On Egyptian Navy Ship
  187. Obama's free internets
  188. Iran Nuclear Deal Reached - Will Congress Override?
  189. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Enters Race For President
  190. Michigan Doctor Sent To Prison For Giving Chemo To Patients Without Cancer
  191. credit card shipping to non-billing address?
  192. anyone use paypal mycash?
  193. Boeing's new nuclear/laser engine......
  194. BREAKING: Trading Halted on NYSE
  195. predictit prediction market
  196. Hard Parts Discount
  197. Iraq Bombed Itself
  198. Home Entry Doors: Who likes who?
  199. 'Merica - Carter likes this.
  200. MN Firefighter flies confederate flag during parade. Gets suspended..
  201. Happy 4th of July!
  202. Marriage Equality Act: Polygamist's Time..
  203. entrapped
  204. American Soldier Takes Bribes
  205. Flame out one engine... Then throttle back the other?
  206. WTF is this Cloud Tax shit
  207. 403b vs Roth IRA vs Mutual Funds
  208. Jade Helm 15
  209. Need some insight from married folks
  210. The F35 program; Officially a disaster yet?
  211. Puerto Rico says it cannot pay its debt - 73 billion
  212. The TPP and why you should care
  213. Greece Money Crisis - Banks are shutting down
  214. anxiety medication users?
  215. Bike accident on 290
  216. Almost $200 Million Donated to Representatives to Pass TPA
  217. Supreme Court: Gay marriage legal in 50 US states
  218. 30 Year Old Russian Man Volunteers for Head Tranplant
  219. US going to war with Russia?
  220. The VA's Broken Promise To Thousands Of Vets Exposed To Mustard Gas
  221. NJ Gov Chris Christie to run for President
  222. Why The Democrats Are The Party Of SLAVERY And VICTIMIZATION ZoNation
  223. The General Lee is losing it's confederate flag
  224. New garage
  225. R.I.P. Darryl Hamilton
  226. "Trickle Down" Economics Do Not Work
  227. Dylann Roof Kills 9 People at Church Meeting
  228. Please Help (if possible)
  229. HVAC Guys
  230. Let's Elect Rubio And Put Him In Charge Of Our Country's Finances...
  231. ISIS Selfie Caused Bombing?
  232. Recommended Eye Doctors?
  233. Who has gone back to school as an adult?
  234. tsa security theater
  235. What Good Is Security If It Doesn't Work?
  236. Are you middle class?
  237. Cost of home inspection
  238. Rand Paul Shakes Up The Senate By Stopping The Patriot Act Extension
  239. F--K Islam
  240. Dennis Hastert Indicted
  241. Corruption is legal in the USA
  242. Confirmed Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US "Created" ISIS As A "Tool" in a Proxy War
  243. R.I.P. Anne Meara
  244. Sciatica, who's expierienced this shit
  245. Rand Paul 8 Hour Filibuster Against Patriot Act Extension
  246. lies my teacher told me
  247. Worse Than Cancer...
  248. Obama to Demilitarize Police
  249. I Cannot Imagine Any Present Day President Speaking So Eloquently
  250. So who's sold the 'Cool car' when a kids on the way?