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  1. Cops shooting suspects. Protestor sees it from the other side for once
  2. TRANSformers
  3. Cops shot in Dallas at Blacklivesmatter protest
  4. Anonymous is AWESOME- FU HILARY
  5. A Petition to Charge Hillary Has Been Started
  6. Girlfriend live streams boyfriends death after being shot
  7. Alton Sterling shooting - Feds investigating
  8. Learn me sum 0% financing
  9. Student Drug Informant Found With a Bullet in His Head and Rocks in His Backpack
  10. Jury Duty
  11. Clinton Presidential Election Thread
  12. Turn Like system off or leave it on
  13. dey took er jerbs
  14. alarmist idiot sends cops all out on muslim for speaking arabic
  15. More than 200 dead in IS-claimed Baghdad blast
  16. So apparently some members arent big fans of the site these days
  17. Olympic crime/death thread
  18. AI about to wreck you............
  19. Stolen Valor - Phony Navy Seal Mr. "Check it out"...LOLOLOLOL
  20. Breaking: Bombing at Istanbul's Ataturk airport
  21. No more front plates in Illinois. Sign the petition!
  22. The positive thread ++
  23. Gunman takes hostages after opening fire at cinema
  24. Chicago's deadly Father's Day weekend: 12 murders, 54 shootings
  25. Terror Show at a Gaza Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony
  26. UK voting on whether or not to leave the EU?
  27. Russia bombs a US-backed, anti-ISIS base in Syria along Jordanian Border
  28. DNC Hack
  29. equal rights you say?
  30. Verizon Phone Calls Down in Florida
  31. Riots (kind of) in Paris
  32. Property taxes going up in Cook County suburbs
  33. Eagle's debate club
  34. Microsoft is buying Linkedin for $26 billion
  35. electrical problem with ceiling fan
  36. Orlando shooting- 50 dead, 53 hospitalized
  37. Illinois is halfway down the toilet bowl... Circle...Circle...Circle
  38. Student Artist Draws 411 Classmates' Portraits
  39. Glen Beck Suspended Over Trump Assassination Remarks
  40. HVAC guys come on in...
  41. Hell even the US Border Patrol endorses Trump.
  42. Hillary Clinton to be Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges
  43. Chinese Laundry Commercial Would Never Air In America
  44. Miami Motorcycle Cop Jumps on Hood of Vehicle and Fires Through Windshield
  45. North Korea behind recent bank hacking thefts?
  46. Need suggestions on two laptops..
  47. Hey you the garage door guy look in here
  48. Sweet Deal for Chicago Parking Meters (Morgan Stanley)
  49. No emissions, no inspections, what would you buy?
  50. ISIS Dips 25 Iraqis in Nitric Acid
  51. Marine not allowed to walk with graduating high school class in uniform
  52. We can talk about Gary Johnson
  53. Morley Safer (60 Minutes) Retires then dies a week later
  54. How a twin engine prop plane from the 60's came out of retirement to combat ISIS
  55. New IL drivers licenses coming soon.
  56. What'd your property tax bill do?
  57. Shell oil spill 90k gallons
  58. TCG Wholesale Parts Account Honda, Acura, Audi
  59. The Google Search That Made the CIA Spy on the US Senate
  60. Hey Mike K - DukeofSHO note
  61. Hillary vs Bernie on gun control
  62. Doing advanced math on a plane? You may be a Terrorist
  63. San Francisco School District Rigs Student Elections to Create Diversity
  64. Trump Presidential Election Thread
  65. trump announces his vp pick
  66. The futility of smart guns
  67. people who fly into ohare international terminal... how long does it take?
  68. Cruz calls it quits
  69. May Insurance Newsletter
  70. Fatal ZR1 crash last night in McHenry on 120.
  71. girl cries like a supercar
  72. Congress looks at re-starting the F-22 Raptor program
  73. Carpenter ants
  74. 59/W.BartlettRd Intersection shutdown for hours
  75. Prof Who Won't Recommend a Pro-Gun Student Is Everything Thats Wrong with Academia
  76. Petition - No front plate
  77. Intel to cut 12,000 jobs
  78. White House threatens to veto 9/11 lawsuit bill
  79. OPEC Fails to Agree on Oil Production Levels
  80. Saudi Arabia Warns of US economic fallout
  81. Vigil Planned For 16-Year-Old Shot Dead By Police in North Lawndale
  82. Huge Sunspot visible from Earth
  83. Hillary Clinton - Oops
  84. Miami Public Works Dump Truck Runs Red Light
  85. B-52 bombers deployed to Middle East
  86. Total Solar Eclipse Aug 21st 2017
  87. Bill Clinton - The GOAT
  88. Pretty Disgusting Nixon Agenda: The War On Drugs
  89. Credit Building/repair - Heres a great way.
  90. TRAFFIC: Avoid This Area Like The Plague
  91. 1 Dead and 32 Wounded in Chicago Weekend Shootings
  92. Largest data leak of all time exposing offshore banking of world leaders
  93. Renting apartment compared to buying a house
  94. Iphone Upgrade Program
  95. some bullshit news story
  96. Obama commutes drug dealer sentences
  97. i made some bernie memes
  98. Bernie Sanders in an Audi R8??
  99. in todays episode of fucking college nutjob sjws
  100. Feminist 'feels the Bern' and takes a load to the face. LMAO
  101. the secret - law of attraction
  102. CIA-armed militias are shooting at Pentagon-armed ones in Syria
  103. Need Patio Door Vertical Blind Advice...
  104. The Trumpinator
  105. R.I.P. Gary Shandling
  106. Hebron Village President likes to party
  107. How Hillary Stole Arizona...
  108. pretty amazing trump rant
  109. Nixon official: real reason for the drug war was to criminalize black people and hipp
  110. Thug Life: Trump Savage AF edition
  111. some quite good health articles
  112. being a logical asshole for the net good of the world
  113. 2 Explosions at Brussels Airport
  114. interesting cuba video
  115. Car Rotisserie
  116. Anyone else watch VICE?
  117. Obama announcing his nomination to the Supreme Court at 11a EST today
  118. Anyone here sell car/house insurance
  119. Illinois is so broke it can't even pay rent.
  120. Reagan vs Obama - Social Economics 101
  121. Reagan - We The People
  122. Trump Rally gone wild
  123. Trump's weird voting turnout indicator
  124. Civic Federation Pushing For $30 Billion Illinois Tax Hike
  125. Luke and Jedi, his diabetic alert dog
  126. Conspiracy theory of the day:Is Trump a mole for the MSM to elect Hillary?
  127. What are your non-salary benefits?
  128. The ideal situation if Trump is elected
  129. Any tax prep people on here?
  130. KRW Insurance Agency March Newsletter
  131. Summit Discount codes exp. 04/03
  132. Anyone have medical knowlage?
  133. North Korea Says They Have Deployed Nuclear Weapons For "Preemptive" Use
  134. Republican Debate, tonight at 8pm.
  135. If it's Trump Vs Clinton, who would you vote for?
  136. Compare rates on your utilities thread
  137. Woman Arrested in Russia Carrying Child's Severed Head
  138. Should 18 YO be able to buy alcohol?
  139. This is the B-21, America's next generation stealth bomber
  140. "America, you’re stupid: Donald Trump’s political triumph makes it official..."
  141. Back to the license plate sticker.. What kinda money making scheme is this?
  142. Lost a friend-family needs help
  143. U.S. General Says North Korea Would Use WMD As Details On Secret Negotiations Emerge
  144. Red light and speed camera tickets could possibly be refunded
  145. Rape culture strikes again!!1
  146. Police calling out gang members - AWESOME VIDEO
  147. Vet attacked for not saying Black Lives Matter
  148. Nitro Zeus
  149. Career Field Questions
  150. Nice white walls on that launcher yo.
  151. Excellent article on the conspiracies around 9/11
  152. Trump does it again, v. awesome
  153. Consolidate Student Loans- Who did you use?
  154. Difficult to watch! 1400 in indinapolis lose jobs to mexico!
  155. Electric steering letdowns.
  156. Google reviews are brutal Columbine edition
  157. Ted Cruz Hires Porn Star
  158. So lets talk about them 1%ers
  159. the us justice department sues the city of Ferguson
  160. IRS website attack nets e-filing credentials for 101,000 taxpayers
  161. Illinois wont remind you if you need a vehicle emissions test.
  162. 15 year old beaten and stripped for attempted car theft in Milwaukee
  163. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Poops on Campus Political Correctness
  164. If you've ever been screwed by Paypal, now is the time to screw back...
  166. Republican Debate is on
  167. So much freedom on one runway...
  168. What voters know about Hillary.....
  169. Hi Im Martin O'Malley and..............
  170. Kerry sent classified emails from personal account.
  171. A crappy situation
  172. Miami Police Officer Pulled Over By Citizen For Speeding
  173. What Actually Happens at the Iowa Caucus?
  174. need to get passport asap
  175. 2nd Virginia Tech student charged in girl's death
  176. Tax/money geeks step in
  177. Any REAL lawyers on here?
  178. Bank of Japan adopts negative interest rate policy
  179. Japan unveils their own stealth fighter
  180. Repairing Light Scratches in Stainless Steel
  181. Final Republican Debate Before Iowa Caucus...
  182. US Deploys 12 F-22's to Japanese Air Base
  183. San Diego Active Shooter
  184. What's wrong with my internet???
  185. Amazon.com founder flew to Germany to meet detained WP reporter.
  186. Flint michigan water crisis
  187. FUCK YES: ISIS may have saved the A-10
  188. Milo Yiannopoulos' "The Privilege Grant" White Male Only College Grant
  189. Fast and Furious (no not the movies)
  190. Freed Iranians Never Boarded Flight Out of US
  191. Oceans Expected to Contain More Plastic Than Fish by 2050
  192. Hillary Clinton Email Said to Include Material Exceeding Top Secret
  193. Desert Storm 25 years ago.
  194. Sarah Palin to officially endorse Trump tonight
  195. Glenn Frey Dead at 67
  196. The Chicago Garage would like to welcome KRW Insurance as our newest sponsor
  197. Iran Sanctions Updates.
  198. Democratic Debate tonight
  199. Its raining money in Iraq.
  200. Republican Debate
  201. Dog abuse in NWI,hope they catch this POS
  202. Alan Rickman Dead at 69
  203. Ted Cruz Fails to Disclose Campaign Loans From Goldman Sachs and Citibank
  204. What do you dislike most about your life?
  205. OT: Global warming - real talk
  206. State of the Union
  207. 10 US Sailors in Iranian Custody
  208. Royal Bank of Scotland Says we're all fucked
  209. Chipotle Subpoenaed for Food-Illness*
  210. Rahm Emanuel is on the ropes...
  211. A lesson in skewing data and so called polls by the media......
  212. Car ports
  213. Trump Questions Whether Ted Cruz is a Natural Born U.S. Citizen
  214. Illinois 2016 Tax refunds to be delayed
  215. inside man - bitcoin
  216. Oregon Militia Standoff
  217. HELP: St Louis Flooding
  218. 270 lb. Florida man smothers 6 y.o. son on Christmas Eve
  219. Dubai is on fire
  220. Obama set to announce a new executive action on guns
  221. The F-15C Pod That Will Change How The Air Force Fights
  222. making of a murderer
  223. Oregon bakery owners pay more than $135G in damages over refusal to make cake for gay
  224. California is single handling destroying the Earth
  225. Chicago's 12 new taxes and fees will cost every household more than $1K
  226. R.I.P. Meadowlark Lemon
  227. Merry Christmas TCG
  228. Illinois driver's licenses might not allow you on a plane in 2016
  229. probably a trump supporter
  230. Trump Threatens 35% Tax on Ford if Mexico Operations Expand
  231. WW2 fallen/death presentation
  232. New Study: The Main Thing Making College Crazy Expensive Is Student Loans
  233. Woman drives onto Vegas strip sidewalk. 1 dead, dozens injured
  234. Here you go Chicago another 875,000 down the drain...........
  235. Democratic debate is on
  236. LA Deputy Shoots Partner, Blames Suspect; Both Kill Suspect in Retaliation
  237. Why dont they get it?!!
  238. Welp, there go gas prices
  239. Protests at midway airport 12/18
  240. Putin basically endorses Trump
  241. was the middle east more stable before the war on terror?
  242. Reminder: Republican Debate tonight at at 8 on CNN
  243. OT - The Age of American Unreason
  244. Buncha propane tanks stolen, large cache of disposable phones and now this..
  245. 196 Countries Agree On Global Warming Plan
  246. Fox Lake Officials Release Video of Altercation Between Cops, Inmate
  247. We Spoke to a Former Jihadist About How Young People Become Radicalized
  248. Joaquin Guzman (el chapo) threatens to destroy ISIS
  249. North Korea has a hydrogen bomb
  250. So. Illinois lawmaker files legislation to pull rahm from office yesterday.