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  1. Minnesota gov collapses during speech.
  2. Why do you choose where you live?
  3. Working from home, value?
  4. 37% income tax hike may come for IL
  5. El Chapo, Mexican Drug Kingpin Is extradited to U.S
  6. "Millennial" Investment Thread
  7. Police Catch Florida Cop Killer After 9 Day Manhunt
  8. 7/1 ARM vs 30 Year Conventional - Math Wizards Please Enter
  9. Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning Sentence
  10. What is bringing US automakers back to the US?
  11. Anyone going to the Women's March in Chicago?
  12. sjw gender studies for kids
  13. Donald Trump Press Conference *live*
  14. President Obama's Farewell
  15. Escort IX first impressions
  16. Meryl Streep - Golden Globes!
  17. CTA: Red & Purple Line Modernization
  18. Save Lockport Neighborhoods & Sanctuaries
  19. Save Lockport
  20. Megyn Kelly leaving FOX News
  21. Property Taxes, How Do They Work?
  22. Should a HS grad get into the auto mechanic line of work?
  23. Anyone know of a good Neurologist in the burbs?
  24. Russian Ambassador Shot Dead in Turkey
  25. This is what happens with a weak president.
  26. R.I.P. Dr. Henry Heimlich
  27. 20 States Sue Drug Companies
  28. Judge Jeanine Rips Obama
  29. Cuisinart Food Processor Recall (8.3 Million Machines)
  30. Stein donors unwittingly paid to expose apparent systemic Democratic voter fraud
  31. Boeing to build 80 jets for Iran.
  32. How pre-teens using metadata found a whistleblower in two hours
  33. Leftist Students Shouted F*ck You B*itch at the Gay Director of a Pro-Trans Movie - B
  34. John Glenn, American hero, aviation icon and former U.S. senator, dies at 95
  35. republicans no longer the party of free markets?
  36. Pearl Harbor - 75 Years Today
  37. Precious snowflakes cant handle ND winter.
  38. Time Magazine has gone full retard
  39. How long does your A/C or Heat run. A TCG Comparison Thread
  40. this chick really likes the mcrib
  41. HBGary emails on Wikileaks
  42. Brazilian Soccer team plane crashes in Columbia
  43. BREAKING: Active Shooter at OSU
  44. Adam Ruins Immigration
  45. R.I.P. Ron Glass (Barney Miller/Firefly)
  46. Fidel Castro Dead at 90yrs Old
  47. Obamas real legacy as president.......
  48. Smart Home Information Thread
  49. Reddit CEO admits editing users comments unknowingly
  50. High School Football Fans?
  51. What are you reading TCG?
  52. Veterans charity
  53. Tesla ' s solar roof shingles
  54. Before the Flood (documentary)
  55. Stephen Hawking Says Doomsday Clock Is Ticking
  56. Wikileaks may be compromised, Assange possibly dead.
  57. Australian 60 Minutes Exposed the Worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network
  58. Porsche guy breaks into the 9's...using someone else's slip.
  59. what in the flying hell sanctuary colleges?
  60. Age Appropriate Chores for Children
  61. Florida Deputy Saved by CC Bystander Who Kills Suspect
  62. A liberal that finally nails it on the head
  63. Super moon starting tonight
  64. We lost because of Comey.
  65. 4 americans killed in afghanistan
  66. Found Stray Dog - Needs Home
  67. Burning the American Flag
  68. Together, we can do it... Help send Lena Dunham to Canada
  69. R.I.P. Robert Vaughn (Man From Uncle)
  70. Dear ECC students
  71. Tesla Quality?
  72. Dutch submarine operating within Russian naval flotilla
  73. California tech billionaires legitimately want to have CA be its own nation
  74. So what does Trump want to do in his first 100 days ???
  75. hey trump voters, you better strap up.
  76. Uncle Ted for next time. Yay?
  77. The Official Trump Presidency Thread - Tales of The Squad
  78. Official Medical Marijuana Growers and Dispensers Thread
  79. BADAZZTEALCOBRA, I want my beer
  80. Suicide Bombers Go On Strike in UK
  82. Celebrity Trump Departure Thread
  83. The School of Greatness: Mike Rowe interview
  84. Damn good read
  85. Selfies While Voting
  86. TCG Mock Election
  87. Official Election Day Thread Extravaganza
  88. BLM protesting in my neighborhood.
  89. rahmemail.com
  90. rahmemail.com
  91. Europe Mars Probe More of a Missile Than a Lander
  92. Podesta Emails and Alien Disclosure
  93. Hillary Clinton, Masons, Occults and Moloch
  94. And here we go. again...... public news release
  95. fucking florida what the fuck
  96. Nootropics
  97. Philippines' Leader Duterte Mad at U.S. Calls us Monkeys
  98. who are we bombing?
  99. FBI reopening Clinton email investigation
  100. Cook County approves $13 hourly minimum wage
  101. Illinois' Safe Roads Amendment
  102. And today the Gods smiled and said this buds for you!
  103. Russia unveils its Satan 2 nuclear missile
  104. Anyone know MS Access?
  105. Career crossroads
  106. Recommended Traffic Attorney for DuPage County
  107. What's on my ballot?
  108. mike rowe reason.com interview
  109. So disgusting i cant comprehend.
  110. 3rd Presidential Debate - AKA The Gloves Come Off
  111. not receiving pay for work
  112. Chicago Wild West
  113. Clinton Versus Trump: The Auto Industry
  114. Arrested for walking down the street
  115. Dakota Pipeline Protest
  116. amanda knox documentary on netflix
  117. neighbors vs williams
  118. Orland Hills Man Crashes Plane
  119. Chainsaw recommendations?
  120. Sister in law needs donations for breast cancer walk
  121. Obama: WE'RE GOING TO MARS
  122. Nest Thermostat users
  123. Planning Disney vacation......ugh.
  124. 2nd Presidential Debate - AKA: Do or Die
  125. Hey Illinois, We lost one today
  126. The Greatest Fight Ever
  127. Indiana Living.....Is it worth it to move?
  128. Vice - The Hermit Kingdom, Awesome documentary about North Korea
  129. Cat 5 hurricane in Caribbean - Possibly heading for America
  130. Student Charged For Wearing Gorilla Mask To BLM Protest
  131. Whites protest against bad cops
  132. epipen
  133. The Presidential Debates - Official Circus Thread
  134. 79MPH in a 45
  135. Huge win for Boeing
  136. Anyone have an idea how much it costs to add a 2nd story to a ranch?
  137. sandblasting
  138. Driving through BLM protesters
  139. More riots happening, in Charlotte this time
  140. Report: ISIS possibly using mustard gas on US troops
  141. US Immigration Visualized
  142. Who was our resident electricians on here again ?!?!?
  143. explosion in new york.
  144. Ok so what is going on with this pipeline deal?
  145. Help Quick-C6 Corvette A4 Automatic-Stuck in drive / neutral
  146. robby gordon parents found dead.
  147. Who here has a small business?
  148. Guccifer 2.0
  149. Phoenix Driver Intentionally Runs Over Three Police Officers
  150. Bayer to buy Monsanto for $66bn
  151. Obama Pledges $38 Billion+ Military Aid to Israel
  152. Seek then remotely destroy.
  153. Chicago shootings/murders website
  154. US Military shot down a drone with a laser in 1973.
  155. Amendment 69, Colorado state healthcare system
  156. The only plane in the sky..
  157. wells fargo employee scam
  158. Shoutout to Bru, class guy.
  159. ITT Technical Institutes Shuts Down, Leaving a Hefty Bill
  160. Anita on "gun violence" in Chicago
  161. Ben Shapiro Thug Life
  162. Philippines' Duterte vs Obama
  163. Rapper King Yella Shot in Chicago While Making BLM Video
  164. Enough Weather, Already
  165. When Did The Definition Of Racism Change?
  166. Best Korea Executes Vice Premier For Not Sitting Up Straight, South Korea Says
  167. Progressive Party Blows Big Chance
  168. White Lives Matter to Be Declared a Hate Group by SPLC
  170. game theory at play
  171. Rauner says TSR board decision could add $200-$300 Million to Illinois taxpayer debt
  172. Can anyone tell me about litigation in regards to fathers rights?
  173. Jill Stein tied with dead gorilla Harambe and lost to 'Deez Nuts' in Texas Poll
  174. jill has a real science problem
  175. cato (libertarian) vs heritage (conservative) millenial debate
  176. another face eater from you know where
  177. CPD Officer Shot
  178. DNC Cyber Security "Advisors"
  179. Hacking group claims to have hacked the NSA and is auctioning off "cyber weapons".
  180. Cato Institute: Libertarian Think Tank Releases Report Ranking States by Freedom
  181. Politically Tired TCG [NWS]
  182. HOA folks step in...
  183. Power Tools Discussion
  184. Lamborghini Huracan Crashes with Sedan, Hits Traffic Signal, Burns at Balbo Ave and C
  185. vaping and tobacco bonds
  187. Today's quandary - genetic engineering! Good or bad? CRISPR
  188. Muslim flight attendant sues over serving alcohol on flights
  189. Schaumburg neighborhood mad about car trailer
  190. Not as awesome as paying off my house but... v.prop taxes
  191. It is done......My Debt absolution story v1.
  192. Boy dies on world’s largest water slide
  193. Another person trying to win the ghetto lottery
  194. Internet fears for Snowden's safety after cryptic tweet
  195. poverty inc
  196. Ya know, I haven't seen one Hillary yard sign.....
  197. How would you handle this situation?
  198. Chicago: Video from cop shooting of teenager 'shocking,' IPRA chief says
  199. Don't Tread On Me
  200. Collector car insurance
  201. Ransom to Iran?
  202. Ernst & Young Removes Degree Classification From Entry Job Criteria
  203. manhunt and lockdown in tinley park
  204. North Korea Kinda Declares War on US
  205. Clinton Cash documentary
  206. Best Place To Buy New iPhone 6S
  207. Judge grants John Hinckley, Jr. his freedom decades after Reagan assassination attemp
  208. Rauner renews term limits push
  209. Tinfoil: Rauner signs in law for 1/1/17 making stingrays illegal
  210. One more attack in France, this one in a Church
  211. Japan knife attack 'leaves 15 dead'
  212. Democratic National Convention
  213. Anyone use PNC bank?
  214. ANOTHER shooting spree in Florida
  215. Another one of those PC troubleshooting threads
  216. 20k NEW Hillary DNC Emails Leaked by Wikileaks
  217. Munich shooting: Death reported in shopping centre
  218. Clinton to pick Tim Kaine as VP
  219. Budgeting/finance apps
  220. Korean lives matter
  221. German Train axe attack
  222. Unarmed Health Care Worker Shot By Police While Lying Down With Hands In Air
  223. gary johnson on politically incorrect w bill maher 2002
  224. Supreme Emperor Trump Thread
  225. The $100k club????
  226. TNNRAW
  227. Republican National Convention
  228. Venezuela Citizens Crossing Border For Food
  229. "Just" Murder or Hate Crime in Florida?
  230. a florida man opens a council meeting with a satanist prayer, chaos ensues
  231. 7 officers shot, 3 dead in Baton Rouge
  232. Attempted Military Coup D'Etat Underway In Turkey, Prime Minister Says
  233. growing up black in Naperville
  234. U.S. government releases 28 redacted pages on 9/11 Saudi connection
  235. Dads... Get In Here
  236. Possible new attack on France
  237. So Chicago is in just a wee bit of debt
  238. Home is where the 'butt' hurt is
  239. interesting gun visualization
  240. what a piece of shit
  241. Bureau of Economic Research: No Racial Differences in Officer-Involved Shootings
  242. Man fires 17 shots into Indianapolis officer's patrol car and home.
  243. 2010 vs 2016 Mustang Crash Test Video
  244. BLM - 10 Point Manifesto
  245. "We need to abolish the police"
  246. The Mike K Super Happy Funtime Day Trading Comedy Hour!
  247. Another day more dead police.
  248. Green party extends hand (and offer) to bernie
  249. Just Allow The F-22 To Be Exported To Japan Already
  250. Here We Go Again - Yuma Police Shooting