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  1. Well my nips are hard v. Cool Miter Saw
  2. Anyone using EPICOR 21 @ Work
  3. Trump sends sexually suggestive and demeaning tweet about Gillibrand
  4. Botched subway bombing in NYC
  5. found not guilty? lol
  6. Leveraged ETFs, Anybody Invest In Them?
  7. May We Never Forget December 7th
  8. Time Person of the Year announced
  9. Lawyers Sue California Because Too Many Children Can't Read
  10. Deal or No Deal...1996 Trans Am WS6/53K miles
  11. How Pamela Anderson, Julian Assange and and Hef brought down Hollywood
  12. CVS buys health insurer Aetna
  13. Vice Documentary on the "Paradise Papers"
  14. Trump is (best - everyone knows that - and 100% not) done
  15. Gollll-ly R.I.P. Jim Nabors
  16. White Racism now a college course
  17. Snowflakes being dumb overseas
  18. The liberal tears continue...
  19. Reno Active Shooter
  20. The Men Who Built America - Parallels
  21. R.I.P. David Cassidy
  22. Your thoughts on net neutrality?
  23. This is exactly why I disconnected my OnStar module long ago
  24. CNN Ad at 1:30am
  25. West Sacramento California living ?
  26. Experience with upgrading Power Wheels cars for kids?
  27. I became friends with someone, guess who
  28. Were we lied to about 9/11?
  29. California Gunman Kills 4 - Tried to Get Into School
  30. Woah....Saudi orders Palestinian PM to accept Peace with Israel
  31. CIA Agent confesses on death bed......
  32. Uncle Joe Biden - What a douche
  33. The Tinfoilhat Trump, HRC, Saudi, way down the rabbit hole thread
  34. IL "We monitor our slaves"
  35. Get 'Em All in One Place Molesters Thread
  36. California may legalize shrooms
  37. Happy Veterans day Guys!!!!!
  38. Losers acting tough knowing you can't touch them????
  39. Iran and Saudi Arabia finna go to war
  40. 95 y/o WWII Vet flies a C-47 he once flew
  41. Nov 4, 2017 'Antifa' protests
  42. Interesting article on Dr Martin Luther King
  43. Changing jobs. No health insurance right away, what to do
  44. Official Republican Tax Plan Thread
  45. DNC Looking for Tech Help - Straight White Males Need Not Apply
  46. Our garage door guy.
  47. Missing woman in Elgin might be the remains that were found in Lincoln Park lagoon.
  48. Catalonia Declares Independence from Spain - Is California Watching?
  49. Career Change Advice
  50. Trump: Some JFK Files to be Released
  51. On many levels, mathematics itself operates as whiteness.
  52. Lack Of Right To Work Law May Have Lost Illinois The Toyota-Mazda Factory
  53. Random story time about something unique you will always keep
  54. Only in California
  55. Home Depot Panics Over Millennials
  56. Attention TCG members that like to hear themselves talk and are good writers
  57. Hero stops Church shooter in Antioch, Tenn.
  58. New FDA Leader Pushing For Generics
  59. GPS Darts on Police cars
  60. :politics: THIS is how min wage increases should be working IMO
  61. Lake Forest Exotics Event
  62. NWI Amazon bid
  63. Steelers - Taking a knee to a whole new level.
  64. Bolingbrook mayor home vandalized woman charged with hate crime
  65. Nuclear test and now all this is happening.
  66. fighting IL toll violations
  67. 7.1 magnitude quake just hit outside Mexico City
  68. A ‘Mad Pooper’ is on the run in Colorado, and police are on her tail
  69. Hobby Lobby cotton display goes viral for being 'racist'
  70. Georgia Tech student shot by campus police
  71. California - Land of Morons
  72. Good bye DACA
  73. Wells-Fargo insurance scam
  74. Radio Signals in Space - Aliens?
  75. Best Korea may have just tested a nuke
  76. Nurse arrested for doing her job
  77. What's This Officer Thinking?
  78. Joel Osteen Closed His Doors to Flood Victims
  79. Mechanic wanted
  80. School bus almost hit me, got it on cam!
  81. Hurricane Harvey Video from Rockport Texas
  82. Thanks Harvey
  83. Navy ship accident again WTF!!
  84. USS Indianapolis found
  85. Now Barcelona
  86. Shooting at Great Lakes Dragway
  87. Car Crashes Into Protesters in Charlotesville VA
  88. Challenger VS protesters Charlottesville VA.
  89. icarus - doping documentary on netflix
  90. Someone leaked a Federal Climate Change report
  91. buy rich neighborhood streets charge residents for parking.
  92. Google engineer's "anti-diversity" manifesto
  93. Wells Fargo continuing to try and be the scummiest bank in all the land
  94. How long until we have corporate owned countries?
  95. Youtube shit show II
  96. seattle minimum wage studies
  97. IN Cop Killed by person he was trying to save.
  98. State Dept. Warns Americans About Tainted Mexican Booze
  99. Ride at Ohio State Fair Malfunctions - 1 Dead, More Injured
  100. Insanely intact dinosaur fossil
  101. PayPal scamming.... howsitwork
  102. Winged creature/Mothman sightings in Chicago...up to 22 since 2017 started, multiple
  103. Employees volunteer to be chipped.
  104. Dog Training Technique
  105. Linkin Parks Chester Bennington Dead
  106. Me on Trump Support mission pics/vid
  107. Healthcare study ranks USA last behind France...FRANCE
  108. Who gets a check greater than $25k from DoD?
  109. Tps sensor
  110. Chicago
  111. Kid Rock apparently running for Michigan Senate
  112. Friday Poll and Discussion - Do you believe man made climate change is real?
  113. CNN Destroyed By Weather Channel Founder Over Global Warming
  114. Canada to give admitted terrorist $10.5M?
  115. Rockauto discount?
  116. Engraving ideas
  117. IL ready to hit rock bottom?
  118. Play stupid games win stupid prizes winner of the day
  119. GTR crash downtown
  120. Butthurt for real??
  121. interesting reddit thread on sharia
  122. betting on zero
  123. MANDELA EFFECT discussion... what do YOU remember???
  124. Shipping a Vehicle
  125. R.I.P. Stephen Furst (Flounder)
  126. evergreen student insanity
  127. London apartment fire, 17 dead
  128. Tax Hike Time in Chicago Again
  129. US Congressman Shot
  130. Florida Sheriff: Arm Yourselves In Case Of Attack
  131. Orlando Shooting: 5 dead at workplace
  132. Also in Illinois... Man Dives Into Moving Vehicle to Stop It
  133. WTF is going on in Chicago? Man falls asleep next to slain friend
  134. Were Your School Talent Shows Like This? (Drag Queen)
  135. Moody's Lowers Illinois Bond Ratings Again
  136. Vasectomy referrals
  137. 16 year old girl stabs Chicago Uber driver to death
  138. Official Styxhexenhammer666 Piss Tossers Thread -
  139. Follow "The Onion?" Not Anymore...
  140. On the topic of Racism
  141. More protests over wages at McD's
  142. Bitcoin is way up.
  143. More tax hikes for hellinois
  144. Kind of scared, need some advice.
  145. BREAKING: Manchester England Bombing
  146. O'Hare Based United Pilot Arrested
  147. 3 Teens Steal Car Then Kill 6 year old in back seat
  148. Thoughts on Michelin Pilot A/S 3+?
  149. There's a New Sheriff in (DHS) Town
  150. Why do I keep getting selected for Jury Duty?
  151. Cop Hits Little Girl With Motorcycle Then Shoots and Kills Angry Dad
  152. As a percentage of gross monthly income, what do you spend on housing
  153. 4th Amendment Protects 2nd Amendment in Indiana
  154. Florida City Cop shoots and Kills dog that "charged" him
  155. Another UAL story
  156. Black only graduation?!
  157. Tesla begins taking orders for its Solar Roof
  158. 68 y.o. woman slammed to ground and tossed in pool
  159. ohare immigrations oddly easy to get through this morning
  160. 'Nightmare house' Zillow listing tells buyers don't ask about mysterious occupant
  161. Veteran who shot service dog on video found dead
  162. Fatal stop light race today in Palatine
  163. Drug Addiction and What to do About It.
  164. Delta Kicks Family With Two Small Children Off Overbooked Flight
  165. Lyft Driver Shot at after refusing to give passengers a ride
  166. Fuel prices on the rise this summer?
  167. Israel Strikes Supposed Arms Depot At Syria's Damascus International Airport
  168. ESPN Decimated by 100 on air personality layoffs
  169. Have any of you ever heard of "stealthing?"
  170. WW2 in color
  171. Mike K California question
  172. Erin Moran (Happy Days) Dead at 56
  173. Science in America - Neil deGrasse Tyson
  174. Schaumburg killer caught
  175. Massachusetts Get Out of Jail Free Card
  176. Despite Killer Yelling Allahu Akbar - "This was a random act of violence"
  177. FaceBook Killer Steve Stephens DEAD
  178. multilevel marketing MLM
  179. Eli Manning involved in scheme to sell fake game worn memorabilia
  180. United Passenger Stung by Scorpion During Flight
  181. US just dropped the biggest non-nuclear bomb on afganistan.
  182. Chicago speeder caught in hellcat
  183. Elderly Man Dragged From Plane In Chicago After Overbooking
  184. Crash course in engagement rings
  185. youtube mess
  186. these uber drivers are saints
  187. Stockholm: Explosions, shots fired, another truck slaughter
  188. Two Like-New Buick Grand Nationals Are the Barn Finds of the Year
  189. The shitshow state we call home
  190. Electricians: armorlite or conduit for a ceiling fan?
  191. Womens' Sports May Change Completely
  192. State Dept. Employee since 1999 Arrested for Spying for China
  193. Turo - Car Rental Program
  194. nice idea for voter reform, coming from california
  195. Gotta love a story with a happy ending.
  196. Having a Hard Time Finding this Rim 17x8 Cobra Rim
  197. Illinois Lawmakers Propose Recreational Marijuana
  198. RIP Liquidpen
  199. PMI mortgage pay off
  200. anyone want to hax along?
  201. Remind me to never get that close to a Lambo again..
  202. Officer & 3 others killed near Wausau, WI on Wednesday
  203. Another terror attack in London
  204. "Gong Show, Dating Game" Creator Chuck Barris Dies (NWS)
  205. Rape Focus Critical Attention On Sanctuary States
  206. Anyone understand how to efficiently appeal insurance claim denials?
  207. IPass discussing requiring transponders in all cars
  208. Nuclear Power Turkey's Leader Erdogan Making Disturbing Moves Lately
  209. GENERATION IDIOT: College Students Using Student Loans For Spring Break Debauchery
  210. OPEC Losing its Grip on Oil Prices?
  211. International Women's Day... err... A day without a woman
  212. North Korea Continues Psycho Behavior - Are we fed up?
  213. Apis Cor Designs 3D Printer That Can Build A Home In One Day
  214. Snap Chat IPO - SNAP
  215. Feds Execute Search Warrant At Caterpillar Facilities In IL
  216. Canadian jiu-jitsu championship cancelled because sport violates Criminal Code
  217. Apparently you can't aim a loaded shotgun at children and threaten to kill them
  218. Don't buy a used Ferrari!
  219. Great politico article.
  220. Videos surface of men wearing Algonquin Township Highway Dept. uniforms firing guns,
  221. CPAC 2017 - 2-24-2017
  222. DNC Election Debate on CNN - Democrats in here!
  223. Kim Jong Nam hit
  224. Man Booted From Plane for Racist Comments
  225. FBI Arrests Missouri Man Who Was Plotting Terrorist Attack
  226. Have we gone too far with Facebook and video?
  227. $1 Trillion Car-Loan Market Has Highest Delinquency Rate Since 2009
  228. Student suspended for recording teacher's anti-Trump tirade
  229. A Day without immigrants.
  230. Netflix discussion: "13th"
  231. *Live* Oroville Dam Spillway Imminent failure
  232. "Deception was my job"-weaponizing ideology
  233. France Nuke Plant Explosion
  234. Anybody else following the Wikileaks Vault7 stuff?
  235. Homeowners insurance recommendation
  236. Navy Federal Credit Union now accepting Vets.
  237. VIZIO is watching.....
  238. All CPS students sent home with letter accusing Gov. Rauner of cheating kids
  239. China's South China Sea and Japenese Maritime Encroachments
  240. Clock boy and his dad tried suing a bunch of people
  241. Small warehouse for low volume car sales?Who's doing it?
  242. Latest ISIS Propaganda Video
  243. Quebec City Mosque Shooting leaves 5 dead, multiple injuries
  244. Bag Tax? Seriously?
  245. Any Honda Techs on Here?
  246. body ph snake oil
  247. IL S.B 53 (No front plate for secondary cars)
  248. Rip Mary Tyler Moore
  249. Minnesota gov collapses during speech.
  250. Why do you choose where you live?